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The University of Alaska Fairbanks is projecting a $12 million to $14 million budget shortfall for FY15. The shortfall is the result of increased costs and reduced funding, including a legislative general fund reduction of about $8 million. In February, Chancellor Rogers charged the Planning and Budget Committee (PBC) with recommending ways the university could reduce expenditures to address the shortfall.

The PBC’s findings fall into three categories: generally recommended, recommended with reservations and not recommended. Eliminating general fund support to KUAC was recommended with reservations.

UAF is seeking input from the campus community and public on the proposed reductions through Wednesday, June 11.

1) Please use this link to offer feedback on the proposed recommendations:

2) Access the full report here:—Detailed-Narratives–May2014—WEB-VERSION-FINAL.pdf

KUAC Budget Talking Points

  1. KUAC is an efficient, effective and recognizable component of UAF’s Public Service portion of the UAF mission which includes: Research, Academics and Public Service. Public service is a requirement of a Land Grant University.
  2. KUAC represents less than 1% of UAF’s overall operating budget.
  3. KUAC helps increase public awareness of the university and its mission. UAF is mentioned more than 36,000 times in a single year as part of KUAC station identification. In addition, UAF priorities and programs are highlighted year-round in television and radio underwriting announcements.
  4. KUAC interacts with more of the public on a daily basis (365 days a year) than any other department on campus.
  5. KUAC is not only local. KUAC is: 24 hours per day, statewide through translators, UATV and more than 5 hours per day on ARCS in Alaska’s bush communities and villages.
  6. KUAC is a true efficient use of state money. UAF supplies only approximately 1/3 of our operating budget. For every dollar from UAF, KUAC raises $2 through grants and philanthropic giving.
  7. KUAC’s dedicates a substantial portion of its broadcast day to educational, news and information programming. One example: KUAC broadcasts 11 hours of award winning, educational children’s programming each weekday, providing a safe, commercial-free haven preparing kids for formal education and a life of learning.
  8. KUAC has been operating at, or under, its 2009 reorganization requirements (which included budget reduction, layoffs and reduction of outreach efforts), yet has increased services to our communities and to UAF: TV, FM and online.
  9. KUAC has had six student employees in the last year: two in radio, two in administration, one in TV production and one in TV master control (broadcast operations).
  10. KUAC programs and distributes UATV, with UAS distance education classes and FNX (First Nations Experience). KUAC added FNX to UATV in an effort to increase community outreach and engagement to our Alaska Native population.
  11. KUAC provides engineering and professional support for KSUA. KUAC Morning Edition host, Matthew Schroder serves on the KSUA Media board and has served on hiring committees. KUAC general manager/director engineering & technology, Keith Martin has repaired the KSUA transmitter and regularly assists with other engineering and broadcast issues.
  12. KUAC produces and broadcasts frequent FM news features and facilitates numerous interviews for other broadcasting entities that promote the research and work of UAF faculty and staff.

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