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Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday Bash

Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday Bash

Thanks to all the families who helped Kitt celebrate his birthday Saturday. We had a blast with the photo sessions and making fox puppets and orange slime! The cupcakes donated by Sam’s Club were lemony sweet and the Fairbanks Children’s Museum was the perfect place for Kitt to celebrate with the community.


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Are you a parent, educator, teacher or home-schooler?

Visit PBS Parents to explore PBS parenting resources and tips on raising children, planning birthday parties & kids activities. Then visit PBS LearningMedia and bring your classroom to life with PBS and tons of free educational resources.

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Are you a kid who wants to have some fun?

Visit PBS Kids and PBS Kids Go! To find educational games and videos from all you favorites like Curious George, Wild Kratts, and Odd Squad! You can even create avatars and cartoons—what are you waiting for?

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PBS Kids Go

Don’t miss Plum Landing and Mission US! Like nature and science? Plum Landing is for you! With animated and live action videos, hands-on activities, web games and more. Like to learn about the history of the Unites States? Don’t miss Mission US, an interactive online role-playing game taking you through missions in US history!

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Mission US

Want to keep an eye on your little one’s online games and usage?

Learn about the PBS Kids Super Vison app that offers you real-time connection to your children’s activity on pbskids.org. Learn more HERE, then find look for the download on the Apple App Store.

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