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P.O.V. “The Overnighters”, tonight at 9 on KUAC TV

P.O.V. The Overnighters

In a North Dakota town where the oil business is booming, busloads of newcomers find slim work prospects and a severe housing shortage. Pastor Jay Reinke converts his church into a makeshift dorm, allowing hundreds of job-seekers, some with checkered pasts, to stay despite the congregation's objections and neighbors' fears. When opposition to the "overnighters" reaches a boiling point, Pastor Jay … Read More

1913: Seeds of Conflict, Tuesday at 8 pm on KUAC TV

1913: Seeds of Conflict

Explore the moment of transformation when Ottoman rule in Palestine was still strong, the personal identities of people living there were fluid and overlapping, and few could imagine the conflict that would dominate the region for most of the next century. While most scholars have focused on the later British Mandate period as a locus of the Middle East conflict, this film focuses on the period … Read More

Frontline: “Growing Up Trans”, Tuesday at 9 pm on KUAC TV

Frontline: Growing Up Trans

FRONTLINE explores the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their parents. Through moving, personal stories of children, parents and doctors, the film examines new medical interventions increasingly being offered at younger ages. Tune in Tuesday night at 9 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD. … Read More

Arts in Context: “A Light in the Dark”, Tuesday at 10:30 pm on KUAC TV

Arts in Context: A Light in the Dark

Produced locally and created by hand, Gail Chovan's rich, textural clothing challenges notions of traditional beauty. She examines the transformative properties of textiles and the relationship between the garment and the individual. Influenced more by her European-taught design aesthetic, Chovan stands alone in the Austin fashion world with her evocative, intriguing pieces. In this same episode, … Read More

Wild Kratts: Back in Creature Time ENCORE, Wednesday at 6:30 am & 4 pm on KUAC TV

Wild Kratts: Back in Creature Time ENCORE

The Wild Kratts crew laments the extinction of different animals in recent history and how they'll never ever be able to see them. Aviva decides that it's finally time to unveil her most secret invention yet - the Time Trampoline! Using the trampoline, the Wild Kratts jump back in time to meet the extinct species. Science Concept: Extinction - different types of animals can go extinct and … Read More

Think Wednesday: Operation Wild & First Peoples, Wednesday starting at 8 pm on KUAC TV

Think Wednesday: Operation Wild & First Peoples

Don’t miss three hours of primetime nature, science and technology this Wednesday night starting at 8 when OPERATION WILD joins veterinary teams from around the world as they undertake groundbreaking operations to try and save animals’ lives. Then from 9 to 11, FIRST PEOPLES episodes 3 & 4 show how the mixing of prehistoric human genes led the way for our species to survive and thrive around … Read More

Budget Cuts affect KUAC Programming: Reminder

Budget Cuts affect KUAC Programming: Reminder

Like other state agencies and university departments, KUAC is to make cuts in FY16 due to reduced revenue. Following are the currently known funding reductions: - A more than $56,000 reduction in direct state funding due to cuts to public broadcasting. That amounts to about 23 percent of direct state funding to the station. - A reduction of about $134,000 in university funding to KUAC, due … Read More