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The Roosevelts: An Intimate History Continues, Nightly at 7 pm on KUAC TV

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

The lives of the three great Roosevelts -- Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor -- are captured in this series. Ken Burns and producer, Paul Barnes describe the lives and times of these three American icons who influenced 20th century American history more than perhaps any other family. Through wars, revolutions, depressions, and movements, the three led the country through what was called America's … Read More

Good Morning Mission Hill: The Freedom to Teach, tonight at 9 pm on KUAC TV

Good Morning Mission Hill

Imagine a public school environment based on respecting every child and adult's limitless possibilities! Unlike most of their public school peers, Mission Hill teachers have control of their curriculum, and a say in just about every aspect of school life. At this Boston public school, academics connect to experiences, empathy and exploration are valued, and children with diverse abilities and … Read More

The Silent Majority, Tonight at 10 pm on KUAC TV

The Silent Majority

Drugs and alcohol rank as the number-one health issue for American teens, killing more young people than all traffic accidents combined. Kids are more vulnerable to substance abuse and thus, more susceptible to addiction; stopping often requires more than will power. A surprising truth lay behind these disheartening statistics: more than 70% of teens actually make good choices about drugs and … Read More

F.S. Key and the Song That Built America, Tuesday at 9 pm on KUAC TV

F.S. Key and the Song That Built America

F.S. KEY AND THE SONG THAT BUILT AMERICA celebrates the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key's writing of America's national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." Key, a constitutional lawyer, famously penned the lyrics following the 12-hour bombardment of Ft. McHenry in September 1814. The documentary covers Key's major cases (including the Aaron Burr conspiracy), his vehement opposition to the … Read More

For The Generations: Native Story and Performance, Tuesday at 10 pm on KUAC TV

For The Generations

The efforts of contemporary Native performers to recast themselves in the 21st century are examined in FOR THE GENERATIONS co-produced by OPB and Painted Sky. Told through original performance footage and the artists' own words, this documentary explores health and fitness issues that plague Native youth on and off the reservations. Tune in Tuesday night at 10 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI … Read More

Matter of Duty: The Continuing War Against PTSD , Wednesday at 10 pm on KUAC TV

Matter of Duty

A MATTER OF DUTY tells the stories of Maine soldiers who were deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Gulf War and the Vietnam War and returned home to face a new, relentless enemy: post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a condition that is not well understood in Maine, and it will have lasting implications for the entire state. It is a national epidemic. Tune in Wednesday night at 10 … Read More