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Enola Gay’s Navigator: Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, Tuesday at 10 pm on KUAC TV

Enola Gay's Navigator

Van Kirk flew 58 missions in England and North Africa before returning to the United States. He was assigned to navigation training and in November 1944 became group navigator of the 509th Composite Group training for atom bomb delivery. Quietly, in June 1945, the group started moving overseas to the Pacific island of Tinian in the Marianas chain. Their familiar arrowhead tail markings were … Read More

Think Wednesday: Nature, NOVA & How We Got To Now, starting at 8 pm on KUAC TV

Think Wednesday

Don’t miss three hours of primetime nature, science and technology this Wednesday night starting with NATURE’S ANIMAL MISFITS where odd and unlikely creatures that at first glance seem ill-equipped for survival are explored. At 9, see NOVA: BEN FRANKLIN’S BALLOONS. Then, from 10 to 11, HOW WE GOT TO NOW WITH STEVEN JOHNSON explores the power and legacy of great ideas. Tune in Wednesday night from … Read More

Nate Montgomery on Alaska Live, Wednesday at 10 pm on KUAC FM

Nate Montgomery on Alaska Live

Join KUAC’s Lori Neufeld as she welcomes Nate Montgomery into the studio. Nate is a Fairbanks native and brings his unique “Appalaskan Folkgrass” to Alaska Live. Tune in Wednesday night at 10 on KUAC FM, KUAC online, KUAC HD, and KUAC TV 9.5. … Read More

KUAC’s 2014 Fall Fundraiser Continues through Sunday October 19th: Call 474-5822 to Support KUAC Now!

KUAC’s 2014 Fall Fundraiser Continues

This year KUAC supporters are more important than ever. As most of you know, KUAC budget cuts have been significant, and now is the time to build on our donor base for future years. We have thoughtful Thank You Gifts, exciting challenges to be met, and we encourage you to become sustaining (monthly) donors.   Make YOUR gift today by calling 474-5822 (1-800-474-5822) or by going online … Read More

The New Boom: NPR’s Millennials Series on Morning Edition & All Things Considered, Weekdays on KUAC FM

The New Boom

Have you heard about the “M” word? By 2030, the generation known as Millennials -- people who are now between the ages of 18 and 33 -- will outnumber Baby Boomers. Currently there are just as many Millennials as Boomers, and they're making some huge changes in our economy, communication tools, culture and politics. Listen for this special series through the month as Morning Edition and All Things … Read More

Dark Winter Nights Premieres Saturday at 7 pm on KUAC FM

Dark Winter Nights

DARK WINTER NIGHTS: TRUE STORIES FROM ALASKA airs the third Saturday of every month at 7pm on KUAC FM.  This locally produced show is 30 minutes of amazing and hilarious, true stories from Alaska told by the Alaskans who experienced them.  DARK WINTER NIGHTS: TRUE STORIES FROM ALASKA is hosted by Rob Prince, Professor of Journalism at UAF and will feature Melissa Buchta, James Mennaker and Wendy … Read More

Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise, Season 2, Sundays at 7 pm on KUAC TV

The Paradise

Order the carriage, raise your credit limit, and hurry to town: The Paradise is open for business! Denise Lovett (Joanna Vanderham) is the bright-eyed country girl who finds more than just shop-girl work when she brings her clever ideas and ambition to The Paradise, a glamorous, Victorian-era department store. John Moray (Emun Elliott) is the store’s dashing and enigmatic owner, an entrepreneur … Read More