Say Hello to Jerry Swanson! He’s KUAC FM’s New Summer Intern & Student Worker

Say Hello to Jerry Swanson! He's KUAC FM's New Summer Intern & Student WorkerWhile Jerry Swanson has been attending UAF for five years, this is his first summer in Fairbanks, and he’s spending it as an on-air announcer with KUAC FM. Last semester Jerry was an intern and now he’s evolved into a student worker, filling in wherever needed as an FM host. 

Jerry, who grew up in Australia, Seward and Montana, is studying for a film degree at UAF. After his internship, he wanted to stay. This is his first job in radio, though he has done sound work on film sets and recorded his own album of guitar music when he was a high school student.

“I’m looking for experience in sound,” he said. “KUAC is a nice mix. You have to stay on top of things but it’s also very relaxed.”

His goals are to find a career in sound or music. “I don’t hate the idea of staying in Fairbanks unless a better opportunity takes me elsewhere,” he said. When he isn’t on air or creating music, Jerry enjoys hiking and backpacking.

Lori Neufeld, KUAC FM volunteer coordinator and music director, said, “Jerry is a tech-savvy student willing to learn new skills. This is a winning combo for KUAC and our internship program. He knows his way around a sound stage/studio. He came to us with a good knowledge of running sound, i.e. setting up microphones, stands, cables and recording.”

She said when she introduced Jerry to radio announcing, he was a little timid at first but quickly gained confidence with practice and became a regular voice on the KUAC airwaves. “Jerry is quick to pick up new editing software and tech devices. A project that might take me two hours because of interruptions can take Jerry under an hour because he’s a fast study,” Neufeld said. “I’m happy to have Jerry stick around KUAC. He’s a reliable student worker and we value his eagerness to learn and apply his knowledge he gained from interning here in FM.”

Alaska Live with King John Shakespeare Performers, Wednesday at 10 p.m. on KUAC FM

Alaska Live with King John Shakespeare PerformersListen to KUAC FM Wednesday, July 5 at 10 p.m. when we feature some of the Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre performances from this summer’s play, King John. This fascinating play tells how King John turns over England to the Pope, with many familial twists and turns along the way. The play will be performed outdoors on the UAF campus July 6-23. Get a preview by tuning this Wednesday night at 10 on KUAC FM, KUAC online and KUAC TV 9.6.

Alaska Live is made possible by a generous grant from Design Alaska.

KUAC Changes Channel Lineup

KUAC Changes Channel LineupKUAC has altered its TV channel lineup in preparation for the addition of the KUAC PBS Kids Channel, slated to begin airing June 5. Depending on your television, you may need to perform a channel scan in order to have your TV detect the new channels.
The old channel lineup:

  • 9.1 PBS
  • 9.2 World
  • 9.3 Create
  • 9.4 UAFTV/FNX
  • 9.5 KUAC FM1
  • 9.6 KUAC FM2
  • 9.7 KUAC FM3

Effective May 23, new lineup:

  • 9.1 PBS
  • 9.2 World
  • 9.3 Create
  • 9.4 UAFTV/FNX
  • 9.5 (location for new KUAC PBS Kids 24/7 channel, blank for now)
  • 9.6 KUAC FM1 (same as 89.9 FM)
  • 9.7 KUAC FM2 (an eclectic mix of music, news and talk shows)
  • 9.8 KUAC FM3 (mostly classical music)

Coupled with the channel changes, KUAC added the video from FM1 to FM2 and 3 in an effort to let televisions that cannot decode the audio only FM programming. The video on 9.6, 9.7 and 9.8 will be the same but the audio programming will be distinctly different.

For more details call 474-7279.

Thank you LUNCH Cafe & Eatery Customers!

Thank you LUNCH Cafe & Eatery Customers!

From left are Gretchen Gordon, assistant general manager of KUAC; Ashley Stevens, manager of LUNCH; Christopher Quist, donor relations manager for KUAC.

Throughout April, customers at LUNCH Cafe & Eatery donated $750 for KUAC 89.9 FM and Channel 9 TV. The funds help support public broadcasting.

John Perreault, Morning Edition host and KUAC FM operations manager and traffic coordinator

John PerreaultJohn Perreault was born and raised in Fairbanks, around UAF and radio. He was volunteering for KUAC and KSUA even before he was a journalism and broadcasting student at UAF in the late 1990s. After moving to Seattle in 1999 to earn an associate of applied arts degree from the Art Institute of Seattle, he volunteered at KEXP-FM for several years.

John also has a B.S. in Earth and Space Science from the University of Washington. After moving back to Fairbanks to get a graduate degree in geology from UAF, he returned to volunteering at KUAC as occasional evening and “Round Midnight” host in 2011. He began as regular “Morning Edition” host and KUAC FM operations manager and traffic coordinator in January 2016.

Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday Bash

Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday BashThanks to all the families who helped Kitt celebrate his birthday Saturday. We had a blast with the photo sessions and making fox puppets and orange slime! The cupcakes donated by Sam’s Club were lemony sweet and the Fairbanks Children’s Museum was the perfect place for Kitt to celebrate with the community.

We’re already looking forward to Kitt’s next birthday party in May 2018. If you’re not a member of KUAC Kids, visit here to keep posted on fun events, special offers and to have the children’s first names announced on FM and TV during their birthday month. (Minimum donation $5 per month per family.) Thank you for supporting public broadcasting.

Meet Maryanne Babij from ‘Round Midnight

Meet Maryanne Babij from ‘Round MidnightLate night listeners of KUAC FM are familiar with the enthusiastic voice of Maryanne Babij, ‘Round Midnight host. “Maryanne is one of those unique volunteers that is equally comfortable programming classical music on a Friday Afternoon Concert and the next week coming in for the late night Friday shift ‘Round Midnight,” said Lori Neufeld, FM volunteer coordinator and music director. “Her voice and hosting are distinctive, full of passion for the music, inclusive of the listeners and leave you wanting more.”

Hailing from northwest Indiana, Maryanne studied comparative literature, film, women’s studies and religion at Indiana University at Bloomington. She arrived in Fairbanks in 1991 and began volunteering for KUAC in 1996.
As a child she appeared on Bozo’s Circus on WGN-TV in Chicago. “I got a taste of fame and it could not be slaked,” she said.

“I am very honored and privileged to volunteer for KUAC which is such an important part of our community,” Maryanne said. “It’s one thing that substantiates my peripheral, marginalized existence.”

She appreciates that friends in Africa and Germany listen to her show via streaming. “I live for connection and community and KUAC extends my community all over the world. It boggles my mind and uplifts my heart. I get to participate and not just listen. I love it.”

In her spare time, Maryanne loves photography and re-mixing and layering landscapes, cityscapes and the aurora into unique representations.

She prefers not to discuss goals. “Planning is for people who like to be disappointed,” she said. “Chaos is my co-pilot.”

Listeners call and email about the shows Maryanne hosts. “I’m so glad to hear Maryanne on the airwaves,” a fan said. “She’s my favorite. Even when I’ve never heard of an artist she features music from, I love it.” A listener posted on Facebook, “Oh Maryanne, you have me stuck in my car in my driveway because you keep playing more music I want to hear.”

During the KUAC Spring Fundraiser, Maryanne called out to all listeners in Alaska and beyond to support KUAC. “Because of her we had web pledges that Friday night,” Lori Neufeld said. “It’s so cool to have that kind of feedback. Maryanne is delighted to do her part and puts a lot of work into her shows researching music and artists.”

KUAC News is now on NPR One!

KUAC News is now on NPR One!Take KUAC and KUAC News with you wherever you listen. If you use the free NPR One app, and have your local station identified as KUAC, you can now hear the KUAC News with Dan Bross right after the national newscast weekday mornings.