KUAC FM Adds Exciting New Saturday Morning Radio Program – A Way With Words


A Way With WordsNPR is ceasing production and distribution of The Best of Car Talk across the nation in September. The final airing of The Best of Car Talk’s on KUAC FM will be June 24. KUAC is excited to add A Way With Words, which begins airing Saturday, July 1 at 9 a.m.

This public radio, caller-based program presents fascinating tales about language examined through history, culture and family. Hosted by Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, A Way With Words features explorations, such as why we call a frankfurter a hot dog, what “hell for leather” really means and how Latin words figure into our modern language. Each show includes a word puzzle and a slang quiz.

Listeners rave about the program with comments like this: “We often listen as a family, especially if we’re outside in the yard with the radio on. We have a son in eighth grade, and he loves the show too. What I like is how diverse the topics are, and how incredibly knowledgeable you and Grant are about language, expressions, and the sources and meanings of words. Your show really communicates how colorful and diverse the use of language is in America— we’re all speaking the same language, just not exactly!” — McKinleyville, California

Learn more about KUAC’s new program at waywordradio.org.