VOTE now for your favorite art and help KUAC select the 2016 KUAC Poster!


The following three pieces of art were selected from nearly 80 submissions by the poster selection committee comprised of artists, business leaders, KUAC devotees and community volunteers- 2015 KUAC Poster Artist Jen Moss, David Mollett, Dixon Jones, Barbara Schuhmann, Jill Marshall, Lorna Shaw, Mike Salzman, and Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard.

The pieces are posted in alphabetical order. The images are not the final posters. Once chosen, KUAC will work with the artist to obtain the best quality image that will be produced as the 2016 KUAC poster.

The voting period is over. Thanks to all of you that participated!


Kathleen Carlo-Kendall
Lucy in the Sky with Blueberries
Mask, yellow cedar

From Kathleen Carlo-Kendall’s artist statement: Art has always been an integral part of my life. My mother Poldine Carlo is an accomplished beadworker, skin sewer, singer, respected elder, native advocate and activist. My parents instilled in me strong ties tor my Koyukon Athabascan culture, whether through my mother’s beadwork and skin sewing or fom my father’s handmade tools and carvings. Lucy in the Sky with Blueberries mask was made inspired by my sister, Lucy. Blueberry picking and traditional harvesting of foods has always been an activity my family has cherished, and before Lucy’s cancer got the best of her, we were able to enjoy one last sunny summer afternoon picking berries together. This mask now resides in the Carroll Cancer Center, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.


Thor Evenson

From Thor Evenson’s artist statement: When I was young I drew a lot. It was not so much that I like drawing itself; it was because I was fascinated by shapes and how things fit together and functioned either by use or composition. My bachelor’s degree is in art and master’s degree in architecture. I work in many mediums: drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture and marine design. What I most enjoy is the sense of adventure. When involved in a work I don’t know how it will turn out, but when it goes very well it seems that magic happens. As an artist, this is what makes it worthwhile and I look forward to the next adventure. My favorite quote about art is from the philosopher James Baldwin who said, “The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been obscured by the answers.”


Gail Priday
Oil on Canvas

From Gail Priday’s artist statement: My work is inspired by what I observe on a daily basis. Rather than seeking out dramatic scenery and grand vistas, I am drawn to humble roadside trees, wild weedy plant-life, snow cover and the unique light of the Interior. I often focus on smaller elements of landscape such as the bark of a tree, lichens, twigs and ground cover. The changes that occur seasonally are also of great interest. Our seasons are dramatic and they come and go with a force that is hard to miss. I feel an urgency to capture those changes. I walk past the same trees and hillsides, yet the view keeps changing. My paintings and prints are an attempt to keep feeling that wonder and to connect with viewers who have noticed the same changes and experienced the same fascination.