Spirit of KUAC and THANKS to our Volunteers


Trudy HeffernanKUAC thanked our volunteers during our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event yesterday evening with ice cream, music, special treats and awarded the Spirit of KUAC Award to longtime Banjo Signal host, Trudy Heffernan.

KUAC volunteer Trudy Heffernan is the recipient of the 2016 “Spirit of KUAC” award. Trudy demonstrates commitment to the organization with consistently making new shows even when she knows she will be out of town. She doesn’t rely on the extensive archive of shows she has from making Banjo Signal for years, nay decades. Trudy always comes up with fresh shows. In the past year, she has started to format her shows around a particular band or artist each show. This requires extensive research and pawing through the vast amount of music from disc and digital library in the Heffernan collection. Trudy has passed on her love of public broadcasting. When they were on Alaska Live, Molly her daughter came and sat in on a set with her saxophone. Molly has gone from the baby that was breastfed in the KUAC studio between Banjo Signal mic breaks to playing on air during KUAC fundraisers and hosting her own show at KSUA during semesters at UAF. Here’s an excerpt of the nomination from KUAC listener Ronnie Rosenberg: “I have zero interest in music–really don’t like it and turn the radio off when it comes on. BUT Trudy makes it enjoyable. I never turn off Banjo Signal. And if someone can have that effect on me, I say give her an award!”