Exciting News for the NEW YEAR & 2017 Permanent Fund Dividend Pick.Click.Give. Contributions


You can designate your Pick Click Give donation to support KUAC…if you make a gift of $500 or more to the University of Alaska.

You can make changes to your Pick.Click.Give. amounts through Aug. 31, 2017! Simply log-in to your PFD account online and follow the steps below!

Here are the steps:
1. File for your PFD online at www.alaska.gov
2. Choose to contribute at least $500 from your PFD to the University of Alaska via the Pick.Click.Give. program.
3. Choose to share this information (you cannot be anonymous).
4. Call us at KUAC at 907-474-1891 or email us at giving-kuac@alaska.edu and let us know so that we can inform the Foundation to be on the lookout for your gifts in October 2017.

To find out more, call us today at 907-474-1891.

Lovalaska Pick.Click.Give