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Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday Bash

Thanks to all the families who helped Kitt celebrate his birthday Saturday. We had a blast with the photo sessions and making fox puppets and orange slime! The cupcakes donated by Sam's Club were lemony sweet and the Fairbanks Children's Museum was the perfect place for Kitt to celebrate with the community. We're already looking forward to Kitt's next birthday party in May 2018. If you're not a … Read More

Meet Maryanne Babij from ‘Round Midnight

Late night listeners of KUAC FM are familiar with the enthusiastic voice of Maryanne Babij, ‘Round Midnight host. “Maryanne is one of those unique volunteers that is equally comfortable programming classical music on a Friday Afternoon Concert and the next week coming in for the late night Friday shift ‘Round Midnight,” said Lori Neufeld, FM volunteer coordinator and music director. “Her voice and … Read More

KUAC News is now on NPR One!

Take KUAC and KUAC News with you wherever you listen. If you use the free NPR One app, and have your local station identified as KUAC, you can now hear the KUAC News with Dan Bross right after the national newscast weekday mornings. … Read More

KUAC FM Welcomes Tahia Rivara to Morning Shows

Tahia Rivara, KUAC FM’s newest on-call announcer, enjoys bringing her conversational skills to the airwaves. “I don’t want to sound robotic,” she said. “I want to be friendly and reach people with different ethnicities and backgrounds.” Born in Chile, Tahia spent her teenage years in Los Angeles. She came to Fairbanks in September 2015 to study business and marketing at UAF. Working for public … Read More

Spring Fundraiser Draws Avalanche of Listener/Viewer Support

KUAC wrapped up the Spring Fundraiser yesterday. Thanks to everyone who invested in public radio and TV during the 3-day extravaganza. Without our volunteers in the phone bank and on air we couldn’t have done it. The donors who called in expressed their support for KUAC in a big way and for that we are grateful. Did you know programming costs for KUAC FM and TV are over $600,000 per year? … Read More

April is National Volunteer Month and KUAC LOVES Our Volunteers!

We like to say we'd come UNGLUED without the 300+ volunteers who help keep us on the air. Thanks to each and every one of … Read More

Thanks for coming out to the Poster Signing!

KUAC appreciates everyone who visited artist Kes Woodward and us Saturday at Well Street Art Co. It was heartwarming to see so many posters flying out the door. Feel free to order your copy of "Daybreak" now. Simply call 474-7491 or click here and make a $50 donation. You can pick up your poster or we'll mail it to you. Thanks to Kes Woodward for letting us use this amazing image of light through … Read More

Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard is the recipient of the 2017 Spirit of KUAC award for being an outstanding KUAC volunteer

Her first autumn in Fairbanks, Pamm was listening to KUAC while showering and heard her boss mention her name, asking her to call in a pledge. "It's the craziest thing to hear your boss on the radio challenging listeners to donate but immediately when I got out of the shower, I called in my first donation," Pamm said. "When I'm on the air for the fund drives, I always say ‘I know you're in the … Read More