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New FM Programming spotlight: Marketplace Money has great returns

Marketplace Money

KUAC FM will feature a new program on Monday mornings at 10am starting July 1st when Marketplace Money debuts. This innovative show puts business and economic topics in a social or cultural context, with each weekly show dedicated to one theme. Take a look and listen to a recent show about retirement – covering everything from second-act careers to a movie review of The Intern. For more i … Read More

Take a peek at new programs coming to KUAC FM


In three weeks, you will be able to listen to some fascinating new shows on KUAC FM, when the new Program Changes go into effect. We invite you to preview our new offerings: Marketplace Money, TED Radio Hour, and Radiolab. In addition, meet new co-host Jeremy Hobson who joins veteran host Robin Young, when an expanded, two-hour version Here & Now launches July 1st. We hope you will enjoy our … Read More

Here & Now expands to 2 hours as Talk of the Nation ends broadcasts


As many of you may know, NPR announced that it will end production of Talk of the Nation on June 27th and KUAC is looking at this as a positive opportunity to consider some great new programming, and to re-arrange some existing programs to create a better listening experience. Rest assured Science Friday with Ira Flatow will still be available, and we will continue airing it after Talk of the … Read More

Enjoy a new remix as Mr. Rogers’ legacy lives on through KUAC TV!

Mr. Rogers’ legacy lives

If you enjoyed the first MelodySheep remixed tribute to Mr. Rogers that PBS commissioned, you will love this new B-side video Sing Together! Please support KUAC TV as we continue Mr. Rogers’ legacy and educate every generation! Thank you. … Read More

Be a student of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, Saturdays at 3pm on KUAC TV

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School,

Learn to cook with Martha Stewart at your side, teaching you how to hold a chef's knife, select the very best ingredients, truss a chicken and much more. In the new, second series of Martha Stewart's Cooking School, you become her student, Saturdays at 3pm starting May 25th on KUAC TV. … Read More

Tag along for Wild Photo Adventures, Saturdays at 8:30pm on KUAC TV

Tag along for Wild Photo Adventures

Keep up with professional wildlife photographer Doug Gardner as he explores the country's wildest areas in search of that one great photograph. The award-winning series shows you where, when and how to photograph wildlife in natural environments. Tag along for a new series of Wild Photo Adventures, starting this Saturday, May 18th at 8:30pm on KUAC TV. … Read More