2015 Alaska Legislative Session, Weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm on KUAC World TV

2015 Alaska Legislative SessionTune in weekdays through the 2015 Alaska legislative session from 8 am to 7 pm daily on KUAC World TV Channel 9.2 or GCI Channel 93. Gavel Alaska is a statewide television service of KTOO-TV, Juneau’s public TV station, and provides unedited live and tape-delayed coverage of state government activities.

Foodie Sunday with The Splendid Table & America’s Test Kitchen, Sundays from 10 am to Noon on KUAC FM & KUAC3 HD

Foodie Sunday with The Splendid Table & America’s Test KitchenDo you love to cook? More importantly do you love to eat? Sunday mornings on KUAC radio are now made for you! As part of the recent FM changes (more HERE) The Splendid Table made its KUAC FM debut this past weekend. The Splendid Table is public radio’s culinary culture and lifestyle program that celebrates food and its ability to touch the lives and feed the souls of everyone. Right after The Splendid Table, KUAC welcomed America’s Test Kitchen Radio to the KUAC3 schedule, airing from 11 am to noon. America’s Test Kitchen Radio applies the no-nonsense, first-hand testing approach of its TV show to the wide world of food, dining, and cooking—with listener voices thrown into the mix for good measure. Each episode features food and cookware recommendations and in-depth interviews. Tune into The Splendid Table Sunday mornings at 10 am on KUAC FM, KUAC online, KUAC HD, and KUAC TV 9.5, then switch over to hear America’s Test Kitchen on KUAC3 HD, online, and KUAC TV 9.3.

What did you think? New Changes on KUAC FM, KUAC 2 and KUAC3 Weekends

New Changes on KUAC FM, KUAC 2 and KUAC3We strive to engage our listeners with quality programming that fits our listeners’ lifestyles and tastes. At times, there is a need to alter the programming schedule to meet these goals. You should have noticed changes to our Saturday and Sunday morning schedules this past weekend. Visit our FM Change page HERE for all the details as well as frequently asked questions. Miss the first episode of The Splendid Table? Listen to it HERE!

Genealogy Roadshow, Tuesdays at 7 pm on KUAC TV

Genealogy RoadshowPart detective story, part emotional journey, Genealogy Roadshow combines history and science to uncover the fascinating stories of diverse Americans. Each individual’s past links to a larger community history, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of America. Don’t miss Season 2 of the series where experts guide six local participants through their family’s genealogy. Tune in Tuesday nights at 7 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

The Cities Project on Morning Edition & All Things Considered, Weekdays on KUAC FM

The Cities Project on Morning Edition & All Things ConsideredIn a series of stories beginning January 15th, NPR continues Season Three of THE CITIES PROJECT, with part two addressing “How We Live—Stories about Neighborhood Design”. Listen in as THE CITIES PROJECT reflects on the ambience and energy of the places where they’re reported, giving them an “on urban location” feel. These reports focus on how the design of our neighborhoods, our offices, and our homes have a huge influence on our urban experiences. Tune in for Universities as Anchor for Renewal, Architecture as a Sponge, Tiny Living, Co-Housing and more leading up to “Part Three: How We Get Around – Stories about Transportation” on NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered and at Follow the project on Twitter @nprcities and tune in weekdays from 5 to 8 am and 4 to 6 pm on KUAC FM, KUAC online, KUAC HD, and KUAC TV 9.5.

America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa, Sundays at 2 pm on KUAC TV

America by the Numbers with Maria HinojosaTransporting viewers to rarely seen locations to witness human dramas that are rarely heard, AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS includes surprising data, gripping narratives, a distinctive visual palette, and the immersive first-person reporting style of award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa. This series reveals how dramatic changes in the demographics of our country are playing out in mainstream USA. Each program focuses on human stories from every corner of the nation, connected to an analysis of the latest statistical information about population, health, education, quality of life and consumer trends. AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS replaces MOYER & COMPANY which aired its season finale on Sunday, January 4th. Tune in Sunday afternoons at 2 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Downton Abbey Season 5 Continues, Sunday at 8 pm on KUAC TV

Downton Abbey Season 5 ContinuesRose tries to bring a wireless—and Sarah Bunting—into the house. Violet plays cupid, a charming visitor arrives, and Anna helps Mary in the most unexpected of ways. Don’t miss the second episode of Downton Abbey Season 5! Tune in Sunday nights at 8 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Changing Seas, Mondays at 10:30 pm on KUAC TV

Changing SeasCHANGING SEAS takes viewers on an exciting adventure to the heart of our liquid planet. The documentary series offers an unprecedented look at how oceanographers and experts study earth’s vast underwater wilderness, while shedding light on how over-fishing, global climate change and pollution threaten ocean resources. Tune in Monday nights at 10:30 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.