KUAC FM Welcomes Tahia Rivara to Morning Shows

KUAC FM Welcomes Tahia Rivara to Morning ShowsTahia Rivara, KUAC FM’s newest on-call announcer, enjoys bringing her conversational skills to the airwaves. “I don’t want to sound robotic,” she said. “I want to be friendly and reach people with different ethnicities and backgrounds.”

Born in Chile, Tahia spent her teenage years in Los Angeles. She came to Fairbanks in September 2015 to study business and marketing at UAF. Working for public broadcasting is a dream come true. “I love hosting, Tahia said. “When I first moved here I was a bit scared I wouldn’t be able to offset the loneliness but this has been the perfect way to do that.”

Tahia hosts “Weekend Edition,” On the Media” and “Splendid Table” on Sundays and “Here and Now,” “The World” and “Fresh Air” on Tuesdays.

Her goals are to continue improving her skills, especially public speaking to large groups. “I want to learn the ins and outs of radio so that some day I could host my own talk show,” she said. “I also want to get better at fundraising. I love the idea of getting people together and giving them the opportunity to support a cause.”

In her free time, Tahia enjoys taking long walks to local lakes with her husband.

Lori Neufeld, KUAC FM Volunteer Coordinator, said, “A favorite part of my job is teaching people like Tahia the ins and outs of public broadcasting. She’s motivated and sincere and she genuinely loves being part of the KUAC team.”

Spring Fundraiser Draws Avalanche of Listener/Viewer Support

Spring Fundraiser Draws Avalanche of Listener/Viewer SupportKUAC wrapped up the Spring Fundraiser yesterday. Thanks to everyone who invested in public radio and TV during the 3-day extravaganza.

Without our volunteers in the phone bank and on air we couldn’t have done it. The donors who called in expressed their support for KUAC in a big way and for that we are grateful.

Did you know programming costs for KUAC FM and TV are over $600,000 per year? With your support we’re able to continue the quality programs that you rely on and love.

Spring Fundraiser Draws Avalanche of Listener/Viewer Support

One anonymous caller said, “I grew up on Sesame Street and quality kids’ programming is important.”
Eric Stevens said, “Thanks, KUAC. I really love the HD2 and HD3. I enjoy the variety.”

Mary Farrell said, “I really believe in public radio and TV. KUAC does a great job of enriching the lives of those who live in Alaska. Thank you for your efforts.”

While one caller mentioned he has been donating to KUAC for 36 years, another called to donate for the first time ever. “I’ve been meaning to do this my whole life,” he said.

If you missed the Spring Fundraiser you can still make a donation to support KUAC by calling 474-7491 or visiting our giving page.

April is National Volunteer Month and KUAC LOVES Our Volunteers!

April is National Volunteer Month and KUAC LOVES Our Volunteers!

We like to say we’d come UNGLUED without the 300+ volunteers who help keep us on the air. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Thanks for coming out to the Poster Signing!

Thanks for coming out to the Poster Signing!KUAC appreciates everyone who visited artist Kes Woodward and us Saturday at Well Street Art Co. It was heartwarming to see so many posters flying out the door. Feel free to order your copy of “Daybreak” now. Simply call 474-7491 or click here and make a $50 donation. You can pick up your poster or we’ll mail it to you. Thanks to Kes Woodward for letting us use this amazing image of light through the boreal forest as our 2017 poster.

Thanks for coming out to the Poster Signing!

Find out more about Kes and the poster »

Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard is the recipient of the 2017 Spirit of KUAC award for being an outstanding KUAC volunteer

Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, left, and Kerynn Fisher ham it up with KUAC FM News Reporter Dan Bross during a fundraising event in the studo. Pamm has been named the 2017 Spirit of KUAC award recipient.

Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, left, and Kerynn Fisher ham it up with KUAC FM News Reporter Dan Bross during a fundraising event in the studo. Pamm has been named the 2017 Spirit of KUAC award recipient.

Her first autumn in Fairbanks, Pamm was listening to KUAC while showering and heard her boss mention her name, asking her to call in a pledge. “It’s the craziest thing to hear your boss on the radio challenging listeners to donate but immediately when I got out of the shower, I called in my first donation,” Pamm said. “When I’m on the air for the fund drives, I always say ‘I know you’re in the shower! Get out and call KUAC.'”

“Pamm sees the challenges KUAC has faced and she always steps up to ease our burden,” said Gretchen Gordon, KUAC’s assistant general manager.

“She is a huge advocate for KUAC,” Gordon said. “She walks the walk and talks the talk. Her commitment to KUAC is phenomenal. She’s taken that next step.”

Hailing from Sacramento, Pamm came north in 2006 to work for UAF’s athletic program. Like so many Alaskans, she only intended to stay for a year or so and is still here. She is nowUAF’s dining services contract manager. “One of my favorite things about my job is that no day is ever the same and I feel like the work that I do directly assists in enhancing the student experience,” she said.

Pamm is the chair of KUAC’s Community Advisory Council and volunteers on air for FM programming. Past volunteer work includes Girl Scouts, Arctic Winter Games and the Fairbanks North Star Borough Planning Commission.

Pamm and her husband, Nathan Zierfuss-Hubbard, generously support public broadcasting. “KUAC has the unique ability to keep us informed of what’s happening locally and nationally,” she said.

Her days begin and end with KUAC. “We listen to Morning Edition while getting ready for work and on the drive into work,” she said. “At the office, I switch to KUAC2 and listen to XPoNential Radio and World Café most of the day. The drive home gets me All Things Considered, Alaska News Nightly, Marketplace and more World Café. KUAC TV has some amazing programs in Globe Trekker, Lidia’s Kitchen, Austin City Limits and Rick Steves. My favorite thing about KUAC TV and FM is the variety of music and programming available any time of the day.”

She hopes KUAC can continue to expand its programming with interesting, relevant and educational programs. “To accomplish this, the funding levels need to increase,” Pamm said. “The Interior community members continue to give money because they understand the valuable service KUAC TV and FM provide but it would be nice for our state officials to ensure funding is provided at the necessary level as well.”

Pamm and her husband love to travel; they visit Maui every year and Pamm uses House Hunters International to plot adventures. She also enjoys wine tasting and sports.

“Receiving the Spirit of KUAC award is the most humbling recognition I’ve ever received,” Pamm said. “I volunteer my time, energy and money to KUAC because it’s nice to give back to an organization where your work can make an immediate impact.”

Daybreak is Kes Woodward’s Epiphany Painting

Daybreak is Kes Woodward’s Epiphany PaintingThe 2017 KUAC poster is Kes Woodward’s epiphany painting. “Daybreak” captures the low, wane winter sun bursting through the forest. “It’s a metaphor for beauty, wonder, God, enlightenment and joy,” Kes said. He is beyond thrilled to be KUAC’s poster artist. “What public broadcasting does is irreplaceable,” he said.

Think you are supporting KUAC with your Fred Meyer Community Rewards? You might not be!

Think you are supporting KUAC with your Fred Meyer Community Rewards?  You might not be!Last July, Fred Meyer implemented a re-enrollment policy for the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Every year, before the end of June, participants must re-link their account to KUAC keep those rewards coming to our way. We’d love for you to double check your account to ensure rewards are benefiting KUAC, and if you haven’t enrolled, please take this opportunity to do so! You can add to your support of KUAC every time you go shopping at Fred Meyer and that means thousands of dollars a year to benefit your public broadcasting station! Don’t let another day pass before checking your account and re-linking it to KUAC #84486! Click here for more information.

Living On Earth moves to Sundays at 6 a.m. on KUAC FM and noon on KUAC HD2

Living On EarthThis feature program is finding a weekly home on KUAC. No longer preempted by the Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board meeting every other week, listeners have two opportunities to enjoy Living on Earth. Beginning February 5th, wake up early, grab your cup of coffee or tea, and keep your finger on the pulse of the issues affecting the planet we call home. Tune in early Sunday mornings at 6 on KUAC FM, or tune in later in the day at noon to KUAC2 (KUAC TV 9.6 or stream at to hear this environmental news and information program.