Discover the KUAC FM Playlists treasure trove for locally produced programs!

Discover the KUAC FM Playlists treasure trove for locally produced programs!Want to know the title of that swingin’ song on The Oldies Show last month, or which album that Del McClinton song was from that Leone played on Postcards? Search Playlists for most locally produced shows. Or explore the KUAC FM Program Guide by individual show (click on the blue text “Playlist”), by day or by program. If the title of the program is underlined in blue, click on that to connect to a web link for syndicated shows, like WorldCafe.

Dive into this treasure trove of astounding music!

Relive the “Awesome Possum” 15th Annual RedGreen Regatta with photos and highlights

Relive the "Awesome Possum" 15th Annual RedGreen Regatta with photos and highlightsAnother “awesome possum” day on the Chena River at the KUAC 15th annual Red Green Regatta!

Highlights include an “appearance” by Red Green himself, in the form of a life-size cut-out of Steve Smith, star of the Red Green Show which airs on AlaskaOne, Saturday nights at 8 p.m. Glacier Point Pumping & Thawing rolled out Red Green’s Limousine, an artfully – and it goes without saying, tastefully – decorated septic pump truck which added a special something to the day.

See over 200 photos in our 2011 KUAC Red Green Regatta Photo Gallery!

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Car Talk Car Wash Challenge

Car Talk Car Wash ChallengeDonning rubber gloves and boots and arming themselves with buckets and sponges, KUAC Community Advisory Council members (aka Car Talk Princesses), Sue Sprinkle and Julie Estey made good on their challenge this past weekend. The challenge? A car wash to whoever made the largest gift during their pledge program, Car Talk, during KUAC’s FM Fall Fundraiser in October!

After a stint on maternity leave and a long winter, Sue and Julie trekked up the hills Saturday afternoon and were welcomed by KUAC donor Cindy Stragier and her “break-up” dirt laden car. Read More

Support for Public Broadcasting is a Family Affair at the Keller Household

Support for Public Broadcasting is a Family Affair at the Keller HouseholdWe each have to do what we can to keep public broadcasting, especially our own KUAC, on the air. KUAC is Interior Alaska’s reliable link to important public safety information as well as a link to the “outside” world. It encourages an open exchange of ideas, music and cultural diversity, and it is a source of high quality programming. Let’s not forget that it is KUAC that broadcasts the Borough school board and assembly meetings and provides other programming that no privately owned station could or would provide. KUAC deserves our thanks and strong, steady support in return.” – Sarah & Cary Keller, MD, Art Buswell Society Members. Read More

KUAC welcomes a new generation of Art Buswell Society members

KUAC welcomes a new generation of Art Buswell Society membersThis year, I needed to show my peers how important public broadcasting is, and how deeply I value its service to the community by making what for me is the largest single gift ever.” – Andrew Quainton, Art Buswell Society Member

Andrew Quainton and Theresa Bakker, and KUAC FM on-air hosts Greta Johnsen, Christopher Quist and Lori Neufeld all made the choice to become Art Buswell Society members this year. Read More

Spectacular 2011 AlaskaOne Spring TV Fundraiser launched!

11 poster signingThank you, all, for the spectacular launch of AlaskaOne’s annual Television Spring Fundraiser on Saturday, March 5th, when more than 200 posters were signed by the artist and given as thank-you gifts to generous supporters. Over $18,000 in gifts were made during the four hours of the poster-signing event featuring “Akpiks & Imuruk,” a painting by Nome artist Sue Steinacher on its 28th annual poster, held at Well Street Art Co. Browse photos of the event on our Facebook page or at the end of this article! Read More