Nora Foster, Semi-retired Marine Biologist Helps KUAC FM

Nora Foster, Semi-retired Marine Biologist Helps KUAC FMNora Foster has a degree in biological oceanography and is semi-retired and self-employed in the field of identifying marine organisms. She came to Fairbanks in 1967 and began volunteering with KUAC in 2000 when her late husband was volunteering on Any Old Time. He invited her to join him in the studio to see how fun it was.

Nora’s regular assignment is hosting Afternoon Concert on Tuesdays, but she occasionally hosts country or rock programs. “I like to explore the music,” she said. “I have old favorites but I like to find others.”

Challenges of being a radio host are pushing the right buttons, pronouncing names correctly and timing everything. “It’s a good brain game to make it all fit,” she said.

“Nora has been with KUAC as a volunteer for longer than I’ve been at KUAC. To inherit wonderful and dedicated volunteers is a blessing,” said Lori Neufeld, KUAC FM volunteer coordinator and music director.

“Nora has created many driveway moments whether it’s a Johnny Cash tune on her Any Old Time show or a Mark O’Connor composition on Afternoon Concert, I’m stuck glued to my speakers for the duration. I know Nora takes time and effort to create a good feel to her shows depending on what is going on in the world. She has a sense of what listeners might need or yearn to hear and that’s what I appreciate most about Nora’s hosting.”

KUAC Mourns Passing of Grace Berg Schaible

KUAC Mourns Passing of Grace Berg SchaibleAlaska lost a great citizen and KUAC lost a wonderful friend June 9 with the passing of Grace Berg Schaible.

Grace loved opera and was a long-time supporter of KUAC FM’s Sunday opera programming. For years, during KUAC fundraisers, Grace offered matching funds when anyone donated during the opera hours.

According to a story by Dermot Cole in the Alaska Dispatch News, “She was a great philanthropist, a fan of the opera and the arts, an expert at needlepoint, a woman who could not abide intolerance, a steadfast supporter of the University of Alaska, someone who loved to raise and show dogs, a Yale law graduate and the first woman to serve as attorney general in Alaska.”

We at KUAC appreciate all the love Grace showed us in person and with her financial support. All of our lives are so much richer for having had her as a mentor, friend and supporter. Rest in peace, Grace Berg Schaible.

How to Access KUAC During Construction Work

How to Access KUAC During Construction WorkStarting June 13, the entrance to the UAF Fine Arts Building through the Great Hall will be closed for the rest of 2017 for a construction project.

To access KUAC’s offices in Suite 202, please use the northeast music department door or the east theater entrance (#4 or #5 on the map).

People who use wheelchairs should call KUAC at 474-7491 in advance of your visit.

Please bear with us for the remainder of the year as the Great Hall gets a major upgrade.

KUAC Welcomes Robyne as Late-Morning & Mid-Day Host

KUAC Welcomes Robyne as Late-Morning & Mid-Day HostRobyne has returned to KUAC, where she started her long career in public radio and TV news and teaching journalism.  She is now our late-morning and mid-day radio host. 

She came to Alaska from California “for just a year” and ended up working as a radio reporter in Fairbanks, Homer and Barrow (now Utqiaġvik,) and as a TV newscaster in Fairbanks. 

She married and raised Alaskan children. She worked in non-profit management for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Fairbanks Native Association, and taught journalism as a professor at UAF.

She explains the quirk of having only one name, “just Robyne, only six letters,” to DMV clerks, airline and TSA agents, pharmacists and insurance agents. “Overall, having only one name is usually fun, and an ice-breaker. But it’s too unconventional for the news business, which you know, is pretty rigid.” As a TV reporter, she used the name Robyne Martin.

Robyne loves how Alaska listeners support their radio stations, “and they keep us on our toes,” she says. “They demand quality and excellence, so we had better deliver that.”

KUAC FM Adds Exciting New Saturday Morning Radio Program – A Way With Words

A Way With WordsNPR is ceasing production and distribution of The Best of Car Talk across the nation in September. The final airing of The Best of Car Talk’s on KUAC FM will be June 24. KUAC is excited to add A Way With Words, which begins airing Saturday, July 1 at 9 a.m.

This public radio, caller-based program presents fascinating tales about language examined through history, culture and family. Hosted by Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, A Way With Words features explorations, such as why we call a frankfurter a hot dog, what “hell for leather” really means and how Latin words figure into our modern language. Each show includes a word puzzle and a slang quiz.

Listeners rave about the program with comments like this: “We often listen as a family, especially if we’re outside in the yard with the radio on. We have a son in eighth grade, and he loves the show too. What I like is how diverse the topics are, and how incredibly knowledgeable you and Grant are about language, expressions, and the sources and meanings of words. Your show really communicates how colorful and diverse the use of language is in America— we’re all speaking the same language, just not exactly!” — McKinleyville, California

Learn more about KUAC’s new program at

This is a red-letter day for KUAC, as we begin offering KUAC PBS Kids on Channel 9.5!

KUAC PBS Kids on Channel 9.5There you’ll find all your favorites, from classics like Arthur to new programs like Splash and Bubbles. Explore the options and enjoy the learning opportunities with your children or grandchildren.

We’d love to hear from you about how you like the new 24/7 quality children’s programming. Send your thoughts to

For more details, visit our PBS Kids FAQ page.

Say Hello to Jerry Swanson! He’s KUAC FM’s New Summer Intern & Student Worker

Say Hello to Jerry Swanson! He's KUAC FM's New Summer Intern & Student WorkerWhile Jerry Swanson has been attending UAF for five years, this is his first summer in Fairbanks, and he’s spending it as an on-air announcer with KUAC FM. Last semester Jerry was an intern and now he’s evolved into a student worker, filling in wherever needed as an FM host. 

Jerry, who grew up in Australia, Seward and Montana, is studying for a film degree at UAF. After his internship, he wanted to stay. This is his first job in radio, though he has done sound work on film sets and recorded his own album of guitar music when he was a high school student.

“I’m looking for experience in sound,” he said. “KUAC is a nice mix. You have to stay on top of things but it’s also very relaxed.”

His goals are to find a career in sound or music. “I don’t hate the idea of staying in Fairbanks unless a better opportunity takes me elsewhere,” he said. When he isn’t on air or creating music, Jerry enjoys hiking and backpacking.

Lori Neufeld, KUAC FM volunteer coordinator and music director, said, “Jerry is a tech-savvy student willing to learn new skills. This is a winning combo for KUAC and our internship program. He knows his way around a sound stage/studio. He came to us with a good knowledge of running sound, i.e. setting up microphones, stands, cables and recording.”

She said when she introduced Jerry to radio announcing, he was a little timid at first but quickly gained confidence with practice and became a regular voice on the KUAC airwaves. “Jerry is quick to pick up new editing software and tech devices. A project that might take me two hours because of interruptions can take Jerry under an hour because he’s a fast study,” Neufeld said. “I’m happy to have Jerry stick around KUAC. He’s a reliable student worker and we value his eagerness to learn and apply his knowledge he gained from interning here in FM.”

KUAC Changes Channel Lineup

KUAC Changes Channel LineupKUAC has altered its TV channel lineup in preparation for the addition of the KUAC PBS Kids Channel, slated to begin airing June 5. Depending on your television, you may need to perform a channel scan in order to have your TV detect the new channels.
The old channel lineup:

  • 9.1 PBS
  • 9.2 World
  • 9.3 Create
  • 9.4 UAFTV/FNX
  • 9.5 KUAC FM1
  • 9.6 KUAC FM2
  • 9.7 KUAC FM3

Effective May 23, new lineup:

  • 9.1 PBS
  • 9.2 World
  • 9.3 Create
  • 9.4 UAFTV/FNX
  • 9.5 (location for new KUAC PBS Kids 24/7 channel, blank for now)
  • 9.6 KUAC FM1 (same as 89.9 FM)
  • 9.7 KUAC FM2 (an eclectic mix of music, news and talk shows)
  • 9.8 KUAC FM3 (mostly classical music)

Coupled with the channel changes, KUAC added the video from FM1 to FM2 and 3 in an effort to let televisions that cannot decode the audio only FM programming. The video on 9.6, 9.7 and 9.8 will be the same but the audio programming will be distinctly different.

For more details call 474-7279.