Dark Winter Nights Premieres Saturday at 7 pm on KUAC FM

Dark Winter NightsDARK WINTER NIGHTS: TRUE STORIES FROM ALASKA airs the third Saturday of every month at 7pm on KUAC FM.  This locally produced show is 30 minutes of amazing and hilarious, true stories from Alaska told by the Alaskans who experienced them.  DARK WINTER NIGHTS: TRUE STORIES FROM ALASKA is hosted by Rob Prince, Professor of Journalism at UAF and will feature Melissa Buchta, James Mennaker and Wendy Demers telling stories of close encounters with killer whales, flash floods and village life on the first episode. Tune in for the premiere this Saturday night at 7 on KUAC FM, KUAC online, KUAC HD, and KUAC TV 9.5.

Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise, Season 2, Sundays at 7 pm on KUAC TV

The ParadiseOrder the carriage, raise your credit limit, and hurry to town: The Paradise is open for business! Denise Lovett (Joanna Vanderham) is the bright-eyed country girl who finds more than just shop-girl work when she brings her clever ideas and ambition to The Paradise, a glamorous, Victorian-era department store. John Moray (Emun Elliott) is the store’s dashing and enigmatic owner, an entrepreneur with more than his share of passion — and secrets. Tune in Sunday nights at 7 thru 11/15 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector Lewis, Sunday at 8 pm on KUAC TV

Masterpiece Mystery! Inspector LewisAnother season of the Inspector Lewis series comes to an end as the duo continues to solve crimes in the seemingly perfect academic haven of Oxford. Season 7 concludes with BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL Thirteen years after Lewis’ first successful arrest as a Detective Inspector, the forensics have been called into question and the case reopened for appeal. Lewis fears the worst, but nothing can prepare him for the resumption of the original murders with the original weapon. Did he arrest an innocent man? With Lewis’ reputation in jeopardy, Hathaway and Maddox race to catch the killer. Tune in Sunday nights at 8 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

KUAC Fall Fundraiser Going on Now–Call 474-5822 today!

KUAC Fall Fundraiser Going on Now!Call in today at 474-5822 (1-800-474-5822) or make your pledge to KUAC here! Don’t forget to make your pledge and spread the word through October 19th. You can stay in touch for all the KUAC Fall Fundraiser updates, including pictures of your friends & neighbors through Facebook KUAC E-News,, and Twitter. Make your donation of support now and when you do, steal this picture and post it on Facebook, Twitter or send it out in an email. KUAC thanks you for all you do!

Thank You to Our KUAC Fall Fundraiser Food Donors!

Thank You to Our KUAC Fall Fundraiser Food Donors!Our annual Fall Fundraiser would be nowhere near such a success without the generous donations from all of our food and beverage donors! Please help us thank the following companies: Alaska Coffee Roasting Company, Bobby’s Downtown, The Cookie Jar, Coldstone Creamery, The Donut Shoppe, The Double Eagle, Fairbanks Bottled Water Company, Fairbanks Distributors, Fred Meyer, Great Harvest Bread Company, Hot Licks Homemade Ice Cream, Lane’s Quickie Tacos, LUNCH, LuLu’s Bread & Bagels, Odom Corporation, Pagoda, Pike’s LandingRiver City Café & Espresso, Sam’s Club, Sourdough Fuel & Food Marts, UAF Catering Services. Thank you all!

KUAC TV & FM to Experience Semi-Annual Satellite Sun Outages

Semi-Annual Satellite Sun OutagesFrom October 12-15, KUAC TV and FM satellites will be affected by sun outages. These outages occur when the satellite upon which our antenna is focused passes in front of the sun and the signal is lost in the noise. Please expect outages anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes during the 10 o’clock morning hour. All services will resume as the signal returns. We thank you for your patience during this seasonal occurrence.

American Made Series on Morning Edition, Weekdays on KUAC FM

American MadeAfter decades of decline and the loss of millions of jobs — many of them well-paid, specialized vocations that fueled post-War and Cold War housing booms, and educated generations of young people — a new kind of American manufacturing has emerged. It’s leaner, meaner and putting into practice what economists are saying is the recipe for industrial resurgence: use technology to control costs and boost production, rely on risk-taking investors to back the boldest ideas, and, yes, employ fewer workers — but arm them with better education and modern skill sets. Listen for this special series over the next month as Morning Edition explores the new American manufacturing landscape. Tune in weekday mornings from 5 to 8 on KUAC FM, KUAC online, KUAC HD, and KUAC TV 9.5.