Frontline: Bannon’s War, Tuesday at 9 p.m. on KUAC TV

Frontline: Bannon’s WarPresident Trump’s advisor Stephen Bannon’s war – with radical Islam, Washington, and White House rivals. The story of Bannon’s fight to deliver on Trump’s promises, with a confrontational style based on his personal crusade to dramatically transform America. Tuesday at 9 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Nature: The Gathering Swarms, Wednesday at 8 p.m. on KUAC TV

Nature: The Gathering SwarmsThis program looks at some of the most extraordinary swarms on the planet, including a view from inside a locust swarm, mayflies along the Mississippi, 17-year cicadas, and brine fly hatches over Lake Victoria. Superswarms of finch-like quelea in Africa merit attempts at control through assaults on their roosts, while aggressive swarms of silver carp in North American seem able to overcome any kind of restraint. Tune in Wednesday night at 8 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Nova: Meteor Strike, Wednesday at 9 p.m. on KUAC TV

Nova: Meteor Strike“Meteor Strike” – In 2013, countless dashboard cameras captured the blinding streak of light as a 7,000 ton asteroid fell to earth in Russia. Join experts to hunt for clues to the meteor’s origin and explore past meteor strikes. Tune in Wednesday night at 9 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Food – Delicious Science: A Matter of Taste, Wednesday at 10 p.m. on KUAC TV

Food – Delicious Science: A Matter of TasteMichael and James explore how the marriage between chemistry and biology is the root of all the sensations, tastes and flavors that we enjoy in our food. Michael begins by deconstructing a Thai meal. Its effect on the tongue can be reduced down to just five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and the less well-known umami. Tune in Wednesday night at 10 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1, or GCI Channel 9 & GCI Channel 657 for HD.

Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday Bash

Kitt from KUAC Kids Holds Birthday BashThanks to all the families who helped Kitt celebrate his birthday Saturday. We had a blast with the photo sessions and making fox puppets and orange slime! The cupcakes donated by Sam’s Club were lemony sweet and the Fairbanks Children’s Museum was the perfect place for Kitt to celebrate with the community.

We’re already looking forward to Kitt’s next birthday party in May 2018. If you’re not a member of KUAC Kids, visit here to keep posted on fun events, special offers and to have the children’s first names announced on FM and TV during their birthday month. (Minimum donation $5 per month per family.) Thank you for supporting public broadcasting.

Meet Maryanne Babij from ‘Round Midnight

Meet Maryanne Babij from ‘Round MidnightLate night listeners of KUAC FM are familiar with the enthusiastic voice of Maryanne Babij, ‘Round Midnight host. “Maryanne is one of those unique volunteers that is equally comfortable programming classical music on a Friday Afternoon Concert and the next week coming in for the late night Friday shift ‘Round Midnight,” said Lori Neufeld, FM volunteer coordinator and music director. “Her voice and hosting are distinctive, full of passion for the music, inclusive of the listeners and leave you wanting more.”

Hailing from northwest Indiana, Maryanne studied comparative literature, film, women’s studies and religion at Indiana University at Bloomington. She arrived in Fairbanks in 1991 and began volunteering for KUAC in 1996.
As a child she appeared on Bozo’s Circus on WGN-TV in Chicago. “I got a taste of fame and it could not be slaked,” she said.

“I am very honored and privileged to volunteer for KUAC which is such an important part of our community,” Maryanne said. “It’s one thing that substantiates my peripheral, marginalized existence.”

She appreciates that friends in Africa and Germany listen to her show via streaming. “I live for connection and community and KUAC extends my community all over the world. It boggles my mind and uplifts my heart. I get to participate and not just listen. I love it.”

In her spare time, Maryanne loves photography and re-mixing and layering landscapes, cityscapes and the aurora into unique representations.

She prefers not to discuss goals. “Planning is for people who like to be disappointed,” she said. “Chaos is my co-pilot.”

Listeners call and email about the shows Maryanne hosts. “I’m so glad to hear Maryanne on the airwaves,” a fan said. “She’s my favorite. Even when I’ve never heard of an artist she features music from, I love it.” A listener posted on Facebook, “Oh Maryanne, you have me stuck in my car in my driveway because you keep playing more music I want to hear.”

During the KUAC Spring Fundraiser, Maryanne called out to all listeners in Alaska and beyond to support KUAC. “Because of her we had web pledges that Friday night,” Lori Neufeld said. “It’s so cool to have that kind of feedback. Maryanne is delighted to do her part and puts a lot of work into her shows researching music and artists.”

KUAC News is now on NPR One!

KUAC News is now on NPR One!Take KUAC and KUAC News with you wherever you listen. If you use the free NPR One app, and have your local station identified as KUAC, you can now hear the KUAC News with Dan Bross right after the national newscast weekday mornings.

KUAC FM Welcomes Tahia Rivara to Morning Shows

KUAC FM Welcomes Tahia Rivara to Morning ShowsTahia Rivara, KUAC FM’s newest on-call announcer, enjoys bringing her conversational skills to the airwaves. “I don’t want to sound robotic,” she said. “I want to be friendly and reach people with different ethnicities and backgrounds.”

Born in Chile, Tahia spent her teenage years in Los Angeles. She came to Fairbanks in September 2015 to study business and marketing at UAF. Working for public broadcasting is a dream come true. “I love hosting, Tahia said. “When I first moved here I was a bit scared I wouldn’t be able to offset the loneliness but this has been the perfect way to do that.”

Tahia hosts “Weekend Edition,” On the Media” and “Splendid Table” on Sundays and “Here and Now,” “The World” and “Fresh Air” on Tuesdays.

Her goals are to continue improving her skills, especially public speaking to large groups. “I want to learn the ins and outs of radio so that some day I could host my own talk show,” she said. “I also want to get better at fundraising. I love the idea of getting people together and giving them the opportunity to support a cause.”

In her free time, Tahia enjoys taking long walks to local lakes with her husband.

Lori Neufeld, KUAC FM Volunteer Coordinator, said, “A favorite part of my job is teaching people like Tahia the ins and outs of public broadcasting. She’s motivated and sincere and she genuinely loves being part of the KUAC team.”