LiveWire Announcement & FAQ


Live Wire joins the KUAC FM schedule on Saturdays beginning July 2 at 11 a.m.

Live Wire

Live Wire is radio variety for the attention span challenged. It’s music from up-and-coming bands, original comedy, performance and scintillating interviews with writers, filmmakers, comedians and people who think cool thoughts. Hosted by Luke Burbank (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Too Beautiful to Live), the show is taped in front of a live audience in Portland, Oregon and is aired on public radio stations around the country. More information about Live Wire can be found online at

LiveWire Mission Statement

Live Wire to replace Whad’Ya Know on KUAC FM Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Whad’Ya Know going away?
Whad’Ya Know host Michael Feldman is retiring and the program will no longer be available to stations.

When will this change happen?
Live Wire will begin airing on Saturday, July 2 at 11 a.m. on KUAC FM.

Why did you choose Live Wire as a replacement program?
KUAC wants to continue to engage our listening audience with a thoughtful, entertaining program that offers a familiar format to the programming we already offer on Saturday mornings. With music, conversation and comedy, Live Wire fits the bill. You can get a taste of Live Wire at

How did you make this decision and did you engage the Community Advisory Council?
KUAC engaged the Community Advisory Council a few months ago when we first learned that Michael Feldman was retiring and Whad’Ya Know would no longer available for broadcast. KUAC programming staff researched available programs in formats that would be suitable for Saturday morning. These were then offered as potential programming alternatives to CAC members who consulted with their networks (a diverse cross-section of the community) to determine which program had the most appeal. CAC members reported that Live Wire was a favorite and met the needs of our listening communities.

Will this addition cost KUAC more money?
No. Whad’Ya Know cost the station nearly $2,500 a year. Live Wire is offered through the same content provider (PRI) but at a greatly reduced cost of $1,624.

How can I provide my feedback to KUAC?
You can provide feedback by calling, emailing or stopping by the station:
Call 474-1891
Email us at
312 Tanana Drive, Suite 202 on the UAF Campus below the Charles Davis Concert Hall.