Listen LIVE to new digital streams for KUAC FM, and the new programming of KUAC2!


Listen Live to KUAC FMTune in from anywhere to enjoy twice as much FM programming – as only KUAC can offer!

KUAC public radio’s digital streaming service has been updated and expanded! KUAC FM — our traditional, trustworthy and popular FM programming – continues to fulfill our mission to connect Alaska to the world, and the world to Alaska.

KUAC is the number one most-listened to FM station in Interior Alaska, and is the flagship of our FM programming, featuring a mix of well-loved, locally produced musical programs including Funk Roots, The Oldies Show, Acoustic Accents and ‘Round Midnight, as well as popular programs from NPR, PRI, APRN and other public radio program distributors.

Listen Now to KUAC2KUAC2 is a new digital radio channel broadcasting culturally rich content. Like our flagship programming on KUAC FM, KUAC2 serves a diverse audience with the same mission, vision and values. KUAC2 expands your world of listening with intriguing and satisfying programming that will stir the imagination, featuring energetic and entertaining news and talk, and an eclectic blend of emerging and heritage blues, rock, world, folk, and Americana.

KUAC and KUAC2 can also be heard on KUAC TV Channels 9.5 and 9.6 respectively, over the air in the Interior.