KUAC Welcomes Robyne as Late-Morning & Mid-Day Host


KUAC Welcomes Robyne as Late-Morning & Mid-Day HostRobyne has returned to KUAC, where she started her long career in public radio and TV news and teaching journalism.  She is now our late-morning and mid-day radio host. 

She came to Alaska from California “for just a year” and ended up working as a radio reporter in Fairbanks, Homer and Barrow (now Utqiaġvik,) and as a TV newscaster in Fairbanks. 

She married and raised Alaskan children. She worked in non-profit management for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Fairbanks Native Association, and taught journalism as a professor at UAF.

She explains the quirk of having only one name, “just Robyne, only six letters,” to DMV clerks, airline and TSA agents, pharmacists and insurance agents. “Overall, having only one name is usually fun, and an ice-breaker. But it’s too unconventional for the news business, which you know, is pretty rigid.” As a TV reporter, she used the name Robyne Martin.

Robyne loves how Alaska listeners support their radio stations, “and they keep us on our toes,” she says. “They demand quality and excellence, so we had better deliver that.”