KUAC welcomes a new generation of Art Buswell Society members


KUAC welcomes a new generation of Art Buswell Society membersThis year, I needed to show my peers how important public broadcasting is, and how deeply I value its service to the community by making what for me is the largest single gift ever.” – Andrew Quainton, Art Buswell Society Member

Andrew Quainton and Theresa Bakker, and KUAC FM on-air hosts Greta Johnsen, Christopher Quist and Lori Neufeld all made the choice to become Art Buswell Society members this year.

These new Art Buswell Society members represent a new generation of major donors and the reasons they give for stepping up to this giving level ring true for supporters of all ages and levels.

KUAC is my connection to my community. I consider it the place where Alaskans can share information about news and discoveries as well as explore their passion for art or our quest to understand what it means to be human – Theresa Bakker.

Every day I hear something on KUAC that surprises or delights me, and that’s worth a major gift of support – Greta Johnsen.

Public broadcasting is a medium through which so many good works are facilitated. I am just glad to be part of the process – Christopher Quist.

A vibrant and well-supported public broadcasting station is so important to a community. I want to be a part of helping KUAC grow and flourish – Lori Neufeld.

“Community,” “delight,” “good works”…all deserve to “grow and flourish.” And your gifts make it possible – all gifts, coming together to meet the vital mission of public broadcasting in Alaska. Please, consider a gift today.