Make Prayers to the Raven


Make Prayers to the Raven

Make Prayers to the Raven explores the ways traditional spiritual values and beliefs guide the day-to-day lives of Alaska’s Athabascan Indians on the Koyukuk River. Each half-hour occurs in a single season, revealing the surprising blend of Western and non-Western beliefs which shape and control that season’s hunting, gathering and living. Set contains 2 DVDs with all 5 episodes.

  • The Passage of Gifts is an intimate look at the inter-relationships between humans and animals, and of humans with each other as they exist in the spiritual and natural world.
  • The Bible and the Distant Time gives a rare glimpse of some of the ways that traditional Athabascan beliefs and Christian beliefs coexist in villages on the Koyukuk River.
  • The Forest of Eyes joins a family on the Koyukuk River as they fish for their yearly supply of salmon, living and teaching survival skills to the children.
  • Grandpa Joe’s Country follows Joe Beetus on a moose hunt as he chronicles his 65 years of living in the Koyukuk River Valley.
  • The Life in the Bear reveals the reverence with which a bear is hunted, and the feast of the bear party.

Price: $99.75

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