Anywhere Alaska


Anywhere Alaska

Fantastic footage of America’s last frontier, combined with historical facts and whimsical commentary. This four-part series of Anywhere, Alaska follows hosts Heather Taggard and Chip Brookes as they traverse Alaska’s highway system.

  • In the first episode, follow the rugged Richardson Highway from Fairbanks, in the heart of Alaska’s Interior, to Valdez, the state’s coastal oil port. Along the way there are stops at Delta Meat and Sausage, Black Rapids Lodge, Arctic Man and Prince William Sound.
  • The second installment follows the Trans-Alaska Pipeline along the Dalton Highway, or “Haul Road.” The trek pauses at Coldfoot Camp, Prudhoe Bay, Arctic Ocean and ends at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, more well-known as controversial, oil-rich, ANWR.
  • Next explore Denali Park, Alaska’s most famous tourism destination and encounter some of the Park’s infamous wildlife residents. Another stop includes historic Talkeetna, and the journey ends with a flight-seeing tour to Denali Base Camp where climbers start their ascents of Denali, also known as Mt. McKinley, which, at 20,320 feet, is the tallest mountain in North America.
  • In the final episode take in stunning sights along the routes of Alaska’s Marine Highway System. Beginning in the capitol city of Juneau with tours of the Governor’s Mansion and historic Treadwell Mine, continue with halibut fishing and watching whales breach in Fredrick Sound. After kayaking and visiting totem pole carvers in Klawock, last stop is Kake Dog Salmon Festival, an eclectic mix of Native ceremonies and picnic games.
  • Bonus feature with World Ice Art Championships and outtakes. Each episode is approximately a half hour.

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