KUAC FM Removing HD Option


KUAC Removing HD Option As of July 1, 2017, KUAC FM will turn off its high definition (HD) transmitter, resulting in the loss of KUAC HD1, HD 2 and 3 on-air. Those stations will still be available online at kuac.org on computers and mobile devices and on KUAC TV at 9.6, 9.7 and 9.8 (digital).

“This is a strategic budget-related decision and also due to lack of momentum for HD radio,” said Keith Martin, KUAC’s general manager. “The budget reductions we have sustained over the past four years have outpaced our fundraising efforts.”

Since 2009, KUAC has experienced a 42 percent decrease in full-time staff (from 26 to 15) and a 69 percent decrease in part-time (from 13 to 4), while continuing to increase and improve services to the community.

“Our staff make up the difference,” Martin said. “We have reached the point that no additional duties can be assigned to current staffing levels.”

More changes are under consideration. Stay tuned to KUAC for further details.