KUAC & HD Radio™ – Frequently Asked Questions


KUAC is pleased to offer three fully scheduled HD Radio™ channels.1 Listeners can enjoy KUAC 89.9 FM, KUAC2 and KUAC3 in a high quality multi-channel digital signals.

What is HD Radio™?
It is new, multi-channel digital radio technology that enables radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally, a tremendous technological leap from today’s familiar analog broadcasts. Digital broadcasts provide listeners with improved audio quality and clarity. For digital radio listeners, signal fading, static, hisses and pops are a thing of the past. Digital radio also allows for multiple audio sources at the same dial position. This means KUAC can broadcast three radio channels where there was once only one.

What programming will be broadcast on these three digital radio channels?

  • KUAC (89.9-1) features the same great programming our listeners in Fairbanks and the surrounding communities already receive from KUAC FM.
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  • KUAC2 (89.9-2) spotlights a range of contemporary programming featuring energetic news and talk plus an eclectic blend of blues, rock, world, folk, and Americana music. KUAC2 offers popular, groundbreaking programs not currently heard on KUAC 89.9, like Only A Game, Studio 360, Snap Judgment, Harry Shearer’s Le Show, XPoNential Radio and much more.
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  • KUAC3 (89.9-3) is a strong complement to KUAC 89.9 FM and KUAC2, with a blend of the latest news and information from the BBC World Service, a healthy supply of classical and jazz music, and cultural programs like The Splendid Table, Zorba Paster On Your Heath, and On Being with Krista Tippett.
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Does that mean the KUAC signal we currently tune in is going away?
No. Everyone who receives KUAC FM, including our translator communities, will be able to continue receiving our analog signal on existing radios; the same as always.

Will I need a new radio to get the KUAC digital channels: KUAC2 and KUAC3?
Yes. In order to get the crystal clear digital broadcasts that multi-channel digital radio allows, you will need to use a digital radio receiver. However, if you are out of the digital radio signal range or a listener in a KUAC translator community2, you can stream KUAC, KUAC2 and KUAC3 on your computer, mobile device, etc.

Additionally, if you receive KUAC TV over the air, you may also be able to listen to all three digital radio channels on your television. This will depend on the features of the television. Re-scan your digital television tuner, and if your television is able to receive them, you can listen to our FM channels on KUAC TV 9.5, 9.6 and 9.7. Use the “audio” button on your remote, if necessary, to acquire the audio on each of these channels.

What will the KUAC digital signal range be?
The digital radio signal range will be limited to the Fairbanks transmitter coverage area3. Adjust your antenna to its optimal position to increase your ability to connect with a strong signal. Keep in mind, though, digital radios receive both digital and analog signals. If you are out of KUAC’s digital radio signal range, or if you drive out of range, it will revert back to analog at KUAC 89.9 FM. This does not apply to KUAC2 or KUAC3 since these are digital channels only.

Do I have to pay or subscribe to hear HD Radio™?
Absolutely not. Digital radio technology is not a subscription service, like satellite radio. It is the same free, over-the-air, public broadcasting that we’ve made available for over 50 years.

How do I get a digital radio receiver?
Digital radio receivers are available for car, portable use, and at home. You can select digital radio receivers from 17 different automakers as factory-installed radios. Since this is new technology, local merchants are just becoming aware of the demand for digital radios, but tabletop and mobile versions are readily available through online merchants.

How do I listen online and through iTunes™?
All three channels can be heard online at kuac.org – click the “Listen Live” button for the channel of your choice, in the upper right column. Or click buttons at the top of our Newsroom page at fm.kuac.org, or listen through iTUNES™:

1) Under the iTunes Advanced menu, select Open Stream;
2) Copy and paste the link http://kuac.streamon.fm/listen.m3u (for KUAC) ; or
Copy and paste the link http://kuacii.streamon.fm/listen.m3u (for KUAC2); or
Copy and paste the link http://kuaciii.streamon.fm/listen.m3u (for KUAC3);
3) Press OK. You’ll find KUAC links in your “Internet Songs” folder in iTunes!

Enjoy all three channels provided by KUAC public broadcasting, a service of the University of Alaska Fairbanks!

1. HD Radio™ and the HD symbol are a trademark of the iBiquity Digital Corporation
2. KUAC Translator Communities: Nome, Tok, Eagle, Healy, Nenana, Bettles, Delta
3. F3. airbanks, Fort Wainwright, North Pole, Moose Creak, Chatanika, Salcha, Anderson, Clear, Eielson AFB, Ester, Two Rivers, Fox.