KUAC Volunteer Creates Kitt Coloring Booklet for Kids


KUAC Volunteer Creates Kitt Coloring Booklet for KidsCombining her artistic skills with a passion for education, KUAC volunteer Dona Brandle-Boylan wrote and illustrated an emergent reader/coloring booklet for children.

Based on Kitt from KUAC Kids Club, the booklet explores the life of the little fox, following him as he hikes, rides his bicycle with friends and enjoys an ice cream cone. A special education aide at Pearl Creek Elementary School, Brandle-Boylan is always happy to help KUAC in a variety of ways. She serves on KUAC’s Community Advisory Council and helps at special events and fundraisers.

She thought the booklet, which can be printed in-house, is a great way to get reading material into little ones’ hands. “When I considered KUAC’s budget, I thought this would be a simple and efficient way to get a booklet about Kitt out to children,” Brandle-Boylan said. “They see this big fuzzy character and wonder who he is and why he is here.”

Basing Kitt on graphic designer Jill Marshall’s original artwork, Brandle-Boylan got to work and the KUAC staff printed 1,000 booklets to hand out during the Golden Days Parade July 22.

Brandle-Boylan plans to create more booklets about Kitt and his adventures. “The booklets open Kitt’s story to the community, to who he is and what he does. It will help his story grow.”

She grew up near the Detroit Zoo where she could hear the lions roaring at night, and has worked in aviation, the marine industry, construction and education. She loves the outdoors, camping, hiking and backpacking, which is why she has lived in Alaska for 17 years. “It’s perfect for me,” she said. She has also volunteered with the Girl Scouts and the Georgeson Botanical Garden. “I like sharing the outdoors with youth.”

And she loves KUAC. At her home, either KUAC FM or KUAC TV is on all the time. “It’s where I get my news, entertainment and information,” Brandle-Boylan said. “I stream it when I’m not here because I love the programming. I’m a KUAC enthusiast.”