Here & Now expands to 2 hours as Talk of the Nation ends broadcasts


Here & NowAs many of you may know, NPR announced that it will end production of Talk of the Nation on June 27th, and Neal Conan is retiring after 11 years hosting the program. NPR plans to expand the WBUR-produced news program Here & Now from a one-hour to a two-hour show, updated for different time zones, with a new co-host Jeremy Hobson joining host Robin Young.

KUAC is looking at this as a positive opportunity to consider some great new programming, and to re-arrange some existing programs to create a better listening experience. Rest assured Science Friday with Ira Flatow will still be available to us, and we will continue airing it after Talk of the Nation ends production at the end of this month. Starting July 1st, some programs will move (Performance Today, Fresh Air), and some program additions will be made (TED Radio Hour, Marketplace Money, and Radiolab) all with the commitment to create programming that is thought provoking, trustworthy and even life changing.

We invite you to explore the frequently asked questions below and hope you find this informative. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, we’ve provided a feedback form below or please call KUAC at 907-474-7491.

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