KUAC upgrading Healy TV and FM translators to Digital

KUAC upgrading Healy TV and FM translators to Digital The Healy translator project is positioned to move forward. Beginning this week, KUAC TV and FM will go off the air and will be working with a tower crew to install all necessary antennas.

Once the antennas are mounted, the KUAC FM translator will be the first to go on air with the TV coming on after verifying channel 9 signal reception. While the tower work should take about three days, the actual turn on/start up may occur at the end of this week or early next week.

IMPORTANT, the analog TV translator will not come back on the air. Residents in Healy will be able to scan the tuner in their digital televisions and tune in KUAC TV 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, and 9.4 along with audio-only FM/HD channels 9.5 and 9.6.

KUAC FM will continue to come through on your analog radios.

Thank you for your patience as we work to upgrade your signals. More information about KUAC’s suite of digital television offerings can be found at http://kuac.org/kuac-tv/tv-schedule/.

We will make an announcement when we are 100% sure it is working.