Saturday morning on KUAC-FM. Making the best, even better.


Good news! Whad’Ya Know is now available as a one hour show. The Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour takes the best bits of 2 hours of Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know and packs them into one hour. Listeners will still hear Michael talk to audience members, interview guests, and play the famous Whad’Ya Know Quiz.

By carrying The Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour, KUAC will also be able to add one of public radio’s hippest, funniest and most respected new programs to the Saturday morning line-up, Wits.

Wits is a live public radio show that brings world-class comedians, actors, and musicians to the stage of the Fitzgerald Theater, where host John Moe gives them and the audience the time of their lives. Praised as “a wildly successful radio show, both a throwback to radio’s golden age and also wholly modern,” Wits mixes improvisation, sketch comedy, conversation, music, and genuine beauty in a program that’s been called a model for social media and audience engagement. Wits is being referred to as “A Prairie Home Companion for a new generation.”

Take it from Peter Sagal, host of Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, who said, “If you’re a fan of Wait Wait, you should start listening to Wits. Immediately.”

Wits has been airing on KUAC2 and is ready for a spot during KUAC’s ever popular Saturday morning line-up.

Beginning July 5, Saturday morning line-up will look like this:

9:00 a.m. – Car Talk
10:00 a.m. – Wits
11:00 a.m. – The Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour


  1. What are the advantages of changing the Saturday Morning line-up?
    1. There are quite a few advantages to changing the Saturday Morning line-up.
      1. KUAC will be able to continue providing Whad’Ya Know, a heritage radio program, with improved quality through the Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour, while introducing a fresh, popular program, Wits, to the KUAC FM schedule.
      2. There will be more opportunities to feature local supporting businesses and local event information because there are more local break availabilities in these two programs.
      3. Both programs (Wits and The Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour) are newscast compatible. The 2-hour Whad’Ya Know program is not newscast compatible. That means KUAC can carry NPR Newscasts at 10:01 and 11:01. and allow the listener to keep up with national and international news during weekend mid-mornings.
      4. Increased flexibility for special programming. With the added newscast capabilities, we will have the option of being able to insert 2, 4 or 6 minute features or specials into the 10 and 11 a.m. hours – it is especially important during special coverage of Yukon Quest and Iditarod.
  2. Will I miss out on the Whad’Ya Know Quiz?
    1. Absolutely not. The best part about the Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour is that it packages all the fun INCLUDING the Quiz into one action packed hour.
  3. Will this cost KUAC more money?
    1. Absolutely not. Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour and Wits are made available to NPR member stations at no additional cost.
  4. Why can’t KUAC just keep the Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour at the 10 a.m. slot and move this new show Wits into the 11 a.m. slot?
    1. We occasionally have operational problems with Whad’Ya Know’s 10 a.m. start time because the program begins so close to the feed time. By starting The Whad’Ya Know Radio hour at 11 a.m., it will alleviate some, if not all of these problems.
  5. Why wouldn’t KUAC move Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me over to Saturday at 10 a.m.?
    1. According to our most recent data, from 10 a.m.-11 a.m., KUAC has almost the identical number of listeners on Saturday and Sunday (5,439 vs. 5,746). Moving Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me would not necessarily make it accessible to more listeners, but it would most likely upset listeners who are used to it being in its current spot. There would not be an advantage to moving it.
  6. When will this change happen?
    1. The Saturday Morning line-up change will begin on Saturday, July 5th at 10 a.m.
  7. 7. You mentioned something about Wits being on KUAC2. What does that mean?
    1. KUAC has been programming and broadcasting 3 HD stations for over a year. KUAC FM/HD is the traditional KUAC FM broadcast. KUAC2 is an HD channel featuring contemporary music and information programs. KUAC3 is an HD channel featuring extended hours of classical music, BBC News and information programs.
  8. If Wits is being pulled into the KUAC FM schedule, what is replacing it on KUAC2.
    1. Wits is being replaced with Live Wire! a weekly one-hour variety show with a modern twist. Live Wire! will air at noon on Saturdays on KUAC2. More about Live Wire! here.
  9. Are there any other program changes I should be aware of?
    1. If you listen extensively to KUAC2, one of KUAC’s HD radio channels:
      1. You should be aware that NPR is ending production of Tell Me More on August 1, 2014. KUAC will replace Tell Me More on KUAC2 with As it Happens, Monday-Friday 11 p.m.-12 a.m. More information about As it Happens here.
      2. Also on KUAC2, an hour of XPonential Radio from 9 p.m.-10 p.m. will be replaced with To the Point. If you are an avid KUAC2 listener, you’ll remember that The Story with Dick Gordon was retired by APM (American Public Media) last October. This program was replaced with XPonential Radio until a suitable replacement could be found. We believe we’ve found a fantastic new program that will entertain and inform listeners. More information about To the Point here:.
  10. How can I provide my feedback to KUAC?
    1. You can provide feedback by calling or emailing or stopping by the station:
      1. Call 474-7491
      2. Email us at
      3. 312 Tanana Drive, Suite 202 on the UAF Campus underneath the Charles Davis Concert Hall.