New Changes For The New Year On KUAC FM, KUAC2 and KUAC3 Weekends

New Changes For The New Year On KUAC FM, KUAC2 and KUAC3 Weekend

Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! moves to Saturdays!

After giving Wits six months to become a popular hour in listeners’ Saturday mornings, it has become clear we need to make a change. Although, we have received a few positive comments about Wits, the majority of listeners who took the time to give feedback and gave the show a chance, still don’t like it. Specifically, some listeners object to the content of the show when they are listening with their children on a Saturday morning. Other listeners just “don’t think it’s funny” regardless of who they are listening with on a Saturday morning.

We strive to engage our listeners with quality programming that fits our listeners’ lifestyles and tastes. At times, there is a need to alter the programming schedule to meet these goals. After thoughtful discussions, the following changes to our Saturday and Sunday morning schedules are proposed:

Beginning January 10, Saturday morning line-up on KUAC FM and HD will look like this:

7 a.m. – Weekend Edition Saturday

9 a.m. – Car Talk

10 a.m. – Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me

11 a.m. – The Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour

Sunday morning line-up will look like this:

7 a.m. – Weekend Edition Sunday

9 a.m. – On the Media

10 a.m. – The Splendid Table

11 a.m. – From the Top

  • Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me! moves from Sunday 10 a.m. to Saturday 10 a.m. This creates a great flow for Saturday morning listening from Car Talk (now branded Best of Car Talk) into the Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour.
  • Sunday Weekend Edition, moves up to the same time slot as it is on Saturdays, 7-9 a.m. Will Shorts will still be presenting the Puzzler in the 8 o’clock hour of your Sunday Weekend Edition, so no need to get up and get that coffee going earlier to prepare your brain for the Puzzler. This move allows us to easily provide local content at regular time slots, for instance, Yukon Quest updates or special local newscasts on weekends could air at the same times on both Saturdays and Sundays.
  • On The Media moves from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Sundays, so we have analysis and commentary about the week’s news directly following a 2-hour news block.
  • The Splendid Table makes its debut on KUAC’s Sunday morning at 10 a.m. While Splendid Table is a show about food, it is not solely a cooking show. They call it a “show for people who like to eat”. During the latest KUAC Fall Fundraiser, we heard from our supporters how much they love KUAC TV 9.3 Create. Adding a show on our radio schedule that is similar to shows on Create has the potential to grow our listening audience. Check it out at
  • The new Sunday morning line-up has a comfortable flow and complements a Sunday morning of relaxing at home or getting ready to go out for the day and listening in the car.

The above schedule necessitates a few changes on KUAC2 & KUAC3 (KUAC’s HD channels on radio).

  • America’s Test Kitchen Radio, which is a free offering from PRX, would replace Splendid Table at 11 a.m. allowing listeners enjoying a show about food at 10am on KUAC FM to dial on over to KUAC3 for more quality programming about food from hosts they may already be familiar with from Cook’s Country and America’s Test Kitchen on KUAC TV Create.
  • Wits will still air at 10 a.m. on Saturday mornings on KUAC2.
  • WireTap moves over to 10 a.m. Sunday morning on KUAC2 from its current location on Saturday at 10 a.m.
  • XPoNential Radio makes up large chunks of programming on KUAC2. While this is a good music service, there are so many programs available that KUAC could be offering to listeners and would like to do so in some of these time slots.
    • Nerdette is a half-hour program out of WBEZ hosted by Greta Johnsen (formerly KUAC’s Morning Edition host) would be a great fit in Sunday late morning KUAC2 11 a.m. time slot paired with another half hour program Encounters at 11:30 a.m., a program regularly heard on KUAC FM. Both shows are engaging for a wide variety of listeners. One celebrating your “inner nerd” and the other celebrating life and the wilds of the North.
    • Late Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock on KUAC2 is reserved for programs from NPR that we don’t yet offer on KUAC FM because they only offer a season of programs, and not enough episodes to span the whole year. KUAC is looking at State of the Re:Union, Intelligence2, America Abroad, Invisibilia and Reveal for the 4-5 p.m. timeslot on Sundays as episodes become available. Having the flexibility to interchange programming on our HD channels allows KUAC to determine the best fit for our program schedule.


  • When will this change happen?
    • The Saturday Morning line-up change will begin on Saturday, January 10th
  • Will these moves cost KUAC more money?
    • KUAC’s fee to carry The Splendid Table will be nominal – approximately $500 per year. This is because of the substantial discount KUAC receives by participating in a statewide package buy with APM (American Public Media).
  • Why can’t KUAC just keep Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me on Sunday?
    • According to our most recent data, from 10 a.m.-11 a.m., KUAC has almost the identical number of listeners on Saturday and Sunday (5,439 vs. 5,746). Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me’s feel and energy is more in line with Saturday morning programming. We have had ample feedback from listeners suggesting this change for some time to make it more accessible.
  • Where’s Wits going?
    • Wits will move back to KUAC2
  • Why can’t you just air the two hour Whad’Ya Know program instead?
    • Whad’Ya Know has had a long life on public broadcasting. Offering the show in an hour-long package allows the producers more options for broadcast should a host retire.
    • Whad’Ya Know has at least one if not two rebroadcasts a month in their schedule. Unfortunately, Whad’Ya Know does not reproduce or “rework” their shows when they are taking a break. They just re-air the entire encore production.
    • The live broadcast comes and we record it. The turn-around time is very fast. The logistics on recording and airing something that is 2 hours long is difficult at times. The Whad’Ya Know Radio Hour comes to us in a file download and is very good for airing at the timeslot of 11am.
  • How can I provide my feedback to KUAC?
    • You can provide feedback by calling or emailing or stopping by the station:
      • Call 474-7491
      • Email us at
      • 312 Tanana Drive, Suite 202 on the UAF Campus below the Charles Davis Concert Hall.