FM FALL FUNDRAISER: Record-setting and off-the-chart!


FM FALL FUNDRAISER: Record-setting and off-the-chart!The KUAC FM Fall Fundraiser of 2009 ended triumphantly on Sunday with stunning new records during some shows, including Saturday’s chart-topping $8,415 raised for KUAC during a single hour of Car Talk, plus Friday morning’s eye-opening $8,250 during Morning Edition, and Grace Schaible’s annual Opera Challenge which netted $13,220 on Sunday, October 25.

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!Most notable, however, was the tremendous outpouring of community support in a multitude of forms, as “a cast of thousands” put in star turns “pitching” on-air, volunteering to answer phones, providing food for the volunteers and staff, adding “Challenges” to encourage callers, and calling or making web pledges of support, all of which made this year’s event a true winner!

Reaching high and setting records. Overall, during the course of the nine-day pledge-a-thon, KUAC welcomed 379 new donors as well as 1,370 renewing and additional ones, for a total of 1,749 gifts bringing the grand total to $246,254 – exceeding our goals for new and renewing donors, but falling just shy of our overall goal of $252,000 by $5,476 – ambitious in any economic market, but certainly so in today’s.

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!The record-setting Morning Edition featured passionate supporters Lanien Livingston, special assistant to Congressman Don Young, and Kerynn Fisher, Marketing Director of UA Museum of the North, and was helped out by a New Donor Challenge from Solar Wind Consultants and the Dana & Jerry Evans’ School District Employees Challenge, which met the new donor challenge by encouraging 20 new donors to join the KUAC family of supporters.

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!Saturday morning’s Car Talk had superstars Sue Sprinkle and Julie Estey behind the wheel. Sue is enthusiastically supportive of KUAC and actively involved in a number of organizations including Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market, Fairbanks Community Museum (‘Community’ is Sue’s middle name, in fact) and 5th Avenue Design, where she is an artist. Julie Estey is the Marketing Director for the UAF Alaska Center for Energy and Power, a dog musher, and extremely energized herself when it comes to KUAC. Both “Car Talk Princesses” are members of KUAC’s Community Advisory Council. KUAC’s Operations Manager Greta Johnsen was the on-air host for both of those shows.

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!The outstanding Schaible Opera Challenge featured a performance of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and Tom Gross, Theresa Reed, of Opera Fairbanks, UAF faculty members Jaunelle Celaire and Larry Kaplan pitched on-air. Total giving to both Opera Sunday programs during the FM Fall Fundraiser has nearly doubled in five years.
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!KUAC Community is Global AND Local! Thanks to the marvel of web-streaming, calls and web pledges came in from all over the world, including one caller currently in Beijing, China, who pledged and told us he called in when he heard that our phone bank volunteers were from College Rotary. He said he was grateful for KUAC’s on-line technology, which keeps him informed of Alaskan news, and also to Rotary for a scholarship he had received to travel to Asia decades ago.

Giving their time, talent and treasure:
Osher Lifelong Learning
Christian Motorcyclists Association
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Tanana Valley State Fair
UA Museum of the North
168th Air Refueling Wing
University of Alaska
Resources Management
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Fairbanks Rotary
Fairbanks Youth Symphony
Doyon, Limited
UAF College of Liberal Arts
Bettisworth North
Calypso Farms
Opera Fairbanks
Fairbanks Community Cooperative Market
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Fairbanks Concert Association
UAF Theatre & Film
Beautiful Readers Book Group
Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly
Information Insights
Cook, Schuhmann and Groseclose
UAF Marketing
KUAC Community Advisory Council
KUAC Leadership Council
Cooperative Extension Service
Arbonne, International
Northern Alaska Peace Corps Friends
First National Bank of Alaska
Census Complete Count Committee
Catholic Schools of Fairbanks
Sourdough Fuel
Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival
Randy Smith Middle School
Unitarian Universalists Fellowship of Fairbanks
UAF Athletics
Sunrisers Rotary
Soroptimists of Fairbanks
UAF Resource Management Society
Georgeson Botanical Gardens
Design Alaska
Fairbanks Community Museum
Alaska Native Language Center
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Lathrop High School “Dog Pound” Club
Randi Carnahan
Lloyd Huskey
Tim Carrier
Jose Rueter
Dan Darrow
Dirk Vinlove
Steve Smith
Aren Gunderson
Tom Clausen
Jynene Black
Jen Gunderson
John Keller
Brian Edmonds
Bill Simpson
Mike Dunton
Richard Stolzberg
Pam Alva-Maravi
Maggie Billington
Elizabeth Carvajal
Bruce Vogel
Lou Cantinella
Rex Barnes
Melissa Buchta
Kevin Fitzgerald
Robert Bowers
Enola Bowers
Gary Mulholland
Micheal Albin
Ross Coen
Steve Hormann
Patty Kastelic
Magali Vincent
Jen Arseneau
Heidi Kristenson
David Maxwell
Stephanie Strandberg
Eric Heyne
Joy Morrison
Robert Hannon
Tammy Grove
Martin Klein
Taber Rehbaum
Anne Hauer
George Rydlinski
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Annie Goering
Sharon McConnell
Jeanine Jeffer-Woolf
Nicholas Woolf
Jim Johnsen
Cathy Earp
Cassandra Tilly
Bill Reed
Herta Prechtel
Toni Prechtel
Maya Salganek
Corrine Leistikow
Julie Stricker
Debbie Carter
Carla Browning
Barbara Schuhmann
Lena Krutikov
Pat Rawert
Lisa Stuby
Lisa Sporleder
Lisa & Bryan McLane
Rebecca Wachter
Mike Mertes
Wanda Chin
Norma Hauberstock
Libby Burgess
Ann Farris
Brenda Birdsall
Lynne Snifka
Tori Tragis
Paul & Terry Reichardt
Jeff Fay
Michele Hebert
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Marla Lowder
Julie Estey
Roger Brunner
Karen Gustafson
Coral Howe
Roxie Dinstel
Ginger McKenzie
Tammy Tragis McCook
Mark Herrmann
Frank Keim
Carolyn Gray
Donna Olesen
Don Gray
Charley Basham
LJ Evans
Marcella Hill
Caroline Wolf
Jen Schmidt
Eric Straley
Doug Yoder
Markus Mager
Amanda Byrd
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Jack Schmid
Francine Davis
Angel Stacy
Jill Maynard
Deb Fristoe
Jim Perrizo
Vickie Clay
Richard Allen
Martha Mason
Trudy Heffernan
Fleur Nicklen
Philip Newton
Jeff Marsh
Kelli Anne Dunton
Madison Case
Kate Incarnato
David van den Berg
Alex Bettisworth
Brian Marmor
Ellen Ganley
Deb Mowrey
Brenda Holden
Jana Pierce
Barb Branton
Steve Bainbridge
John Carnahan
Tamara Cardona-Marek
Lisa R. Johnson
Aldona Jonaitis
Ken Severin
Jude Baldwin
Kendra Calhoun
Connie Page
Dawn & Karl Holt
Margie Ungrodt
Sandra Whittenbrink
Judy Robertson Divinyi
Theresa Reed
Jo Scott
Terese Kaptur
Lanien Livingston
Kerynn Fisher
Christina Hardman
Andrea Bersamin
Ty Keltner
Karen Mager
Frank Williams
Pam Groves
Donna Hell
Tammy McMahan
Kari Curry Frericks
Marjie Richards
Eric Straley
Brian O’Donoghue
Lize Kane
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Lisa Janout
Sherry Blizzard
Jessie Gones
Tevin Tolver
Kathy Leitgeb
David Weissman
Ellen Weiser
Margi Ungrodt
Rob Prince
UAF Chemistry & Biochemistry
Desperate Househusbands
UA Museum Marmoteers
Mt. McKinley Bank
College Rotary
Ester Community Association
UAF Journalism
Water Wagon
Diocese of Fairbanks
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Golden Heart Rotary
UAF Athletics
Institute for Arctic Biology
Randy Smith Middle School staff
Superior Hardwoods
Alaska Bird Observatory
Alaska Sea Grant
Go North Taxi
Fairbanks Symphony Association
Alaska Center for Energy & Power
Alaska Environmental Conservation
UAF Campus Massage
UAF School of Management
Sourdough Fuel
UAF Chancellor’s Office
UA Foundation
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
UAF Development Office
Institute of Arctic Biology
Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Cooperative Extension Service
Arctic Region Super Computing
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Christine Poteat
Ron Inouye
Ann Kjera
Eileen Cummings
Barb Daniel
Nancy Johnson
Barbara Hompesch
Jim Movius
Cheryl Keepers
Kerynn Fisher
Mary Ann Borchert
Lynn Slusher
Andrea Backlund
Oliver Backlund
Nicole Stewart
Hal Levey
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Hans Geier
Sue Sprinkle
Cora Kelley
Nick Shook
Rob Leach
Barb Bradley
Shaun Lott
Bob Groseclose
Cathie Harms
Cindy Bravo
Martin Miller
Anne Hanley
Ann McBeth
Kitty Mathers
Cynthia Steiner
Jeannette Gorda
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Brandy Jacobsen
Nick Kerhoulas
Link Olsen
Hayley Lanier
Chuck Lemke
Tammie Wilson
Adam Wool
Stephanie Patton
Mark Simon
Jack Wilbur
Jeff Stepp
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Joe Hickman
Lorien Nettleton
Bud Johnson
Tania Clucas
Anne Biberman
Scott McCrea
Shelby Nelson
Jutta Pence
Cortney Kitchen
Mary Ann Nickles
Jim Schneider
Sarah Keller
Doris Nichols
Jill Pedersen
Oonaugh Cusick
Janet R. Davison
Dianne Porter
Andrew Quainton
Kathryn Dodge
Kristi Weis
Amy Taylor
Nancy Hanson
Robyn Neilko
Donna Hell
Patrice Case
Jason Case
Bobby Hanson
Heidi Kriz
Raven Riddle
Rebecca Trevors
Jill Burnett
Sabrina Binkley
Valerie Therrien
Mike Branum
Susan Kramer
Bobbie Cox
Scott Jerome
Sue Guers
Tricia Blake
Anne Ruggles
Pete Pinney
David & Amy
Adie Callahan
Dawn Montano
Greta Burkart
Dan Kennedy
Sean Ryan
Mike Pile
Jeff Enters
Roberto Rhaesa
Eduard Zilberkant
Murray Richmond
Joy Van Dyke
Guy Sattley
Anne Castle
George Gianakopoulos
Edge Fuentes
Margi Ungrodt
Dave Gardner
Joanne Trefethen
Ann Tremarello
Tammy Randolph
Chrissy Hardman
Becky Lindsey
Megan Damario
Allison Carter
Teresa Thompson
Laurel Devaney
Ken Russell
Lisa Stuby
Neva Hickman
Jake Poole, UAF Vice Chancellor
Forrest Karr
Pamm Hubbard
Mike Powers
Jen Jarvis
Rick Caulfield
Libby Casey
Pat Cole
Dermot Cole
Henry Cole
Susan McInnis
Grace Schaible
Tom Gross
Cassandra Tilly
Jaunelle Celaire
FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!
Larry Kaplan
Rob Prince
Laurie Smith
Deborah Ryan
Lois Henderson
Kristen Gallo
Michael Tapp
Heather Chorley
Magali Vincent
Lisa Stuby
Ken Russell
Laurel Devaney
Theresa Bakker
John Peirce
Jana Peirce
Susan Rainey
Pamm Hubbard
Forrest Karr
Martin Klein
June Champlin
Monte Jordan
Janet Brown
Erin Porcher-Wartes
Marita Bunch
Ann McBeth
Loda Griffith
Sarah Hardy
Linda J. Hall
Maureen Misewicz
Rick Caulfield
Andrea Perry
Fanta Lee Sanko
Rhonda Gilbertson
Emily Schwing
Michael Ream
Jeffrey Carlson Ream
Alan Batten
Cynthia Martin-Thompson
Karl & Dawn Holt
Anne Cole
Debbie Carter
Rita Leake
Larry Bowman
Pat Holloway
Laurie Smith
Marie Scholle
Rusty Scholle
Isaiah Mangum
Isaac Rojas
Heather David-Damm
Bryan Hoppough
Doug Bradbury
Kevin Kenaston

(please let us know if we forgot anyone)

Fairbanks Sand & Gravel
Chuck Lemke’s Piggy Bank
First National Bank Alaska
Crisenbery Engineering
Lori Neufeld
Greta Johnsen
Mace & Trudy
Anonymous Donor
Jim Fisher
Karen Gustafson & Jim Bicigo
Solar Wind Consultants
Dana & Jerry Evans
Marlys & Jim Schneider
Kinross Fort Knox Gold
Water Wagon
Fairbanks Sand & Gravel
Forrest Karr
Grace Schaible

Food Donations that kept these groups and individuals well-caffeinated and nourished:

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart! Alaska Coffee Roasting Company
Sourdough Fuel and Food Marts
River City Café and Espresso
LuLu’s Bread and Bagels
Fred Meyer West
Coca-Cola of Alaska
Pike’s Landing
L’Assiette de Pomegranate
Fairbanks Bottled Water
Tammy Grove’s cookies
Lena Krutikov’s oatmeal chip cookies
Eric Straley’s breads and salmon spread

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!And the Winners are…
Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion broadcast this year did not include the traditional trip-giveaway to see the show in St. Paul, Minnesota, much to the disappointment of many of our listeners. To bridge the gap, however, our on-air pitching talent during the Saturday, October 17 show, Cathie Harms and Bob Groseclose, initiated a KUAC trip giveaway, which included, among its many delights, a free roundtrip bus ticket to campus from any bus stop in the Fairbanks North Star Borough, front-row seating in the KUAC camp chair parked in front of the studio window to watch the board operator for APHC first-hand, a package of ketchup, and complimentary use of a gently worn pair of red shoes. Promoted during the second Saturday program by on-air talent Claudia Clark, Libby Casey, Emily Schwing and Greta Johnsen, the response was “above average,” to say the least. Names of all who donated to APHC during both pledge Saturdays…and the winners are…Elizabeth Robertson and another who, oddly enough, hasn’t returned our phone calls… Perhaps it is too good to be believed, and the poor thing is in shock or denial, or, possibly, a secret hiding place?

FM FALL FUNDRAISER:  Record-setting and off-the-chart!A WORD of THANKS …well, a million words of thanks, actually…
…to the Phenomenal Phone Bank Volunteers!

Individuals and organizations who know what community service means, served the community from “Party Central” a.k.a. the Phone Bank of KUAC’s FM Fall Fundraiser. Five phones, nine days, thousands of calls, and 265+ volunteers who cheerfully answered, “Thank you for calling KUAC, my name is may I take your pledge?”

…to the Pinch-Hitting Pitchers!
When flu and daycare crises kept some on-air talent from the mic, several “flexible with a smile” individuals stepped in at the last minute to pitch for us.

…to the Toast-of-the-Town On-Air Talent!
Every day, your sincerity, your devotion to KUAC and your willingness to put forth your enthusiasm on our behalf is a huge reason why our FM Fall Fundraiser is able to succeed. It made for good listening as well as a positive connection with the community. Our own in-house board operators and volunteer musical hosts displayed their true talents and were the source of our daily achievements.

Thank you all! Your friendship and partnership with KUAC inspire our mission, and are the real reason for our pride and success. Our thanks and continued gratitude, from the KUAC community and staff.