Pioneers of Television, Tuesdays at 7 pm on KUAC TV

Pioneers of Television

This four-part series examines the people who left their imprint on sitcoms, late-night, variety and game shows in the early days of television. Using never-before-seen images and showcasing timeless clips, the documentary examines the entertainers that provided the classic scenes that still amuse us today. Season 4 of Pioneers of Television will include Standup to Sitcom, Doctors and Nurses, … Read More

Ken Burns presents The Address, Tonight at 8 pm on KUAC TV

Ken Burns presents The Address

The Address showcases the Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont -- where students grappling with an array of learning challenges use the Gettysburg Address as a tool for success. Each student is tasked with memorizing Abraham Lincoln's 10-sentence masterpiece, and at year's end, recite it before their classmates and teachers. The film uses the contemporary story to reveal the history, context and … Read More

Infinity Hall Live, Saturdays at 6 pm on KUAC TV

Infinity Hall Live

Infinity Hall Live celebrates the music and energy of groundbreaking American artists. The acoustically perfect Infinity Music Hall, an historic 130-year-old venue in Norfolk, Connecticut, provides an intimate setting for engaging, authentic and heartfelt performances by an eclectic group of musicians. Singer-songwriter Tori Amos is the first to take the stage in Season Two of Infinity Hall Live. … Read More

The Bletchley Circle, Sundays at 9 pm on KUAC TV

The Bletchley Circle

Follow Susan, Millie, Lucy and Jean, four ordinary women with extraordinary ability to break codes, a skill honed during World War II. Now back for its second season, the four have returned to civilian life, keeping their intelligence work secret from all, including family and friends. A series of ghastly murders targeting women, however, reunites the team as they set out to decode the pattern … Read More

Spirit of KUAC Nominations Needed & Volunteer Appreciation Event

Spirit of KUAC Nominations Needed & Volunteer Appreciation Event

Attention KUAC volunteers! Mark your calendars for the 2014 KUAC Volunteer Appreciation Event on April 22 at 5:30 pm. Join us in the Great Hall of the Fine Arts Building at UAF to celebrate all the volunteers who have helped KUAC sustain its mission throughout this past year. We are also seeking nominations for this year’s Spirit of KUAC award. The Spirit of KUAC award is presented to a volunteer i … Read More