Car Talk Car Wash Challenge


Car Talk Car Wash ChallengeDonning rubber gloves and boots and arming themselves with buckets and sponges, KUAC Community Advisory Council members (aka Car Talk Princesses), Sue Sprinkle and Julie Estey made good on their challenge this past weekend. The challenge? A car wash to whoever made the largest gift during their pledge program, Car Talk, during KUAC’s FM Fall Fundraiser in October!

After a stint on maternity leave and a long winter, Sue and Julie trekked up the hills Saturday afternoon and were welcomed by KUAC donor Cindy Stragier and her “break-up” dirt laden car.

Car Talk Car Wash ChallengeThe pair made quick work of their task, stopping only for a laugh. They had Cindy’s car sparkling in the afternoon sun in no time. “My car is now beautiful! I no longer need to keep my car in the garage because of the cold, but I now need to protect its beautiful shine from my dusty road!” she said.

Sue and Julie say of their spic-n-span talents, “It’s all for the love of public broadcasting…and really, where else but our community can you create this kind of connection and have some good clean fun at the same time?”

More pictures of the fun are posted on our Facebook page. Be sure to tune in during the FM Fall Fundraiser between October 15-23 to hear what Julie and Sue have up their sleeves!