Budget Cuts affect KUAC programming

UPDATE 8/27/2014: The budget situation at KUAC has been resolved for this fiscal year (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015). This was accomplished by one full time position being laid off, the previously mentioned Development position going to half time, and two positions becoming vacant with a mandatory 90 day hold imposed by the University.

There will be no programming changes in the future barring additional budget cuts.

APRN programming will no longer be impacted by the budget gap.

UPDATE 8/7/2014: KUAC and Alaska Public Media have reached an understanding that will allow KUAC to continue broadcasting APRN programming for an additional three months past the announced end date of August 31.

The extension is intended to afford KUAC time to continue discussions with APRN about possible solutions in order to continue broadcasting the statewide news programs. If a solution can be found, KUAC intends to pay the APRN membership in full. “KUAC values APRN programming and we are very appreciative of the step taken by APRN as we work our way through some very trying times,” said KUAC general manager, Keith Martin.

Steve Lindbeck, CEO and general manager of Alaska Public Media, parent company of APRN stated, “We understand the difficulties KUAC faces in reconciling tough university budget cuts, and KUAC isn’t the first APRN member station to face a hardship. APRN will suspend KUAC dues payments for three months to give time for other options to be considered.”

KUAC continues to look for long-term solutions that minimize impact to our listeners and viewers as additional budget cuts are anticipated for the next several years.

KUAC will address budget cuts from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with reductions to staff and programming.


The cut to KUAC’s general fund allocation could have been much worse. The initial recommendation from UAF’s Planning and Budget Committee was to completely zero-out funding to KUAC. KUAC is fortunate to have such strong support and advocacy from Chancellor Brian Rogers, Vice Chancellor Mike Sfraga, and thousands of dedicated supporters in our community.

The amount of cut that KUAC is experiencing is beyond the reported $100,000 to the general fund allocation. The amount of the budget reduction is actually $170,000.

This amount includes the recommended and approved $100,000 reduction, plus an across-the-board 5% pull-back the entire UAF campus is experiencing, and an additional .5% pull-back departments within the University and Student Advancement Division of UAF are experiencing. This reduction amount is only for FY15 (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015). It is unknown how much of a budget cut KUAC will experience in subsequent years, however, it is anticipated that additional cuts will occur.

Additionally, with the initial $100,000 general fund reduction, KUAC was directed to raise an additional $100,000 for FY15, prior to the budget reductions. All told, KUAC starts out FY15 with a deficit of $270,000.

After investigating all options, making several budget adjustments and reductions, KUAC is making tough decisions with regard to operations and staffing so that it can minimize the impact to viewers and listeners. Effective September 1, 2014, KUAC will terminate its APRN membership and no longer air APRN (Alaska Public Radio Network) programming.

This page will be updated should additional programming or service reductions become necessary.