Budget cuts affect KUAC public radio and television programming


Budget cuts affect KUAC public radio and television programmingKUAC is addressing its sixth year of budget cuts from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with reductions to programming and staff.

KUAC will sustain a 22.5% funding decrease for the new fiscal year which translates to $172,000 from its budget. KUAC investigated all the options and has made many budget adjustments and reductions in the past five years in an effort to mitigate the cuts. These reductions now represent a loss of 56% of university funding. “We can’t sustain our level of service after losing half a million dollars since 2012,” said Keith Martin, KUAC general manager. “KUAC has received strong support from our community, however, the cuts just continue to outpace the increases in fundraising.”

Effective Sept. 1, KUAC will terminate its Alaska Public Radio Network membership and no longer air APRN programming on KUAC FM. Keep Reading »