KUAC Fall Fundraiser Going on Now–Call 474-5822 today!

KUAC Fall Fundraiser Going on Now!

Call in today at 474-5822 (1-800-474-5822) or make your pledge to KUAC here! Don’t forget to make your pledge and spread the word through October 19th. You can stay in touch for all the KUAC Fall Fundraiser updates, including pictures of your friends & neighbors through Facebook KUAC E-News, kuac.org, and Twitter. Make your donation of support now and when you do, steal this picture and post … Read More

Thank You to Our KUAC Fall Fundraiser Food Donors!

Thank You to Our KUAC Fall Fundraiser Food Donors!

Our annual Fall Fundraiser would be nowhere near such a success without the generous donations from all of our food and beverage donors! Please help us thank the following companies: Alaska Coffee Roasting Company, Bobby’s Downtown, The Cookie Jar, Coldstone Creamery, The Donut Shoppe, The Double Eagle, Fairbanks Bottled Water Company, Fairbanks Distributors, Fred Meyer, Great Harvest Bread … Read More

KUAC TV & FM to Experience Semi-Annual Satellite Sun Outages

Semi-Annual Satellite Sun Outages

From October 12-15, KUAC TV and FM satellites will be affected by sun outages. These outages occur when the satellite upon which our antenna is focused passes in front of the sun and the signal is lost in the noise. Please expect outages anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes during the 10 o’clock morning hour. All services will resume as the signal returns. We thank you for your patience during this … Read More

American Made Series on Morning Edition, Weekdays on KUAC FM

American Made

After decades of decline and the loss of millions of jobs -- many of them well-paid, specialized vocations that fueled post-War and Cold War housing booms, and educated generations of young people -- a new kind of American manufacturing has emerged. It's leaner, meaner and putting into practice what economists are saying is the recipe for industrial resurgence: use technology to control costs and … Read More

Start Up, Saturdays at 8:30 pm on KUAC TV

Start Up, Saturdays

This series offers viewers an up-close and personal look into the world of the modern American entrepreneur. As complicated as starting a business may seem, the goal is to demystify the process by sharing the real life experiences of average Americans who are taking control of their own destiny while creating jobs for others. Over 90% of all companies in America are small businesses. Those small … Read More