Genealogy Roadshow, Monday nights at 8 pm on KUAC TV through October 14th

Genealogy Roadshow

This series takes a historical look into a community by exploring the genealogy of its citizens. In each episode, experts will guide six local participants through their families’ genealogy. Genealogy Roadshow: Nashville premiers Monday night at 8 on KUAC TV channel 9.1 or GCI Cable Channel 9. … Read More

Latino Americans, Tuesday nights at 7 pm on KUAC TV through October 1st

Latino Americans

Latino Americans, the series, continues to tell the story of early settlement, conquest and immigration; of tradition and reinvention; of anguish and celebration. This series covers the 1500s to present day. Tune in Tuesday night at 7 for episode two of the three part series on KUAC TV Channel 9.1 or GCI Cable Channel 9. … Read More

Skeletons of the Sahara, Wednesday night at 10 pm on KUAC TV

Skeletons of the Sahara

Skeletons of the Sahara tells the story of Paul Sereno’s amazing discovery of a prehistoric human burial ground in the middle of the Sahara desert. Watch what this discovery reveals about the ancient people who lived 10,000 to 5,000 years ago. Wednesday night at 10 on KUAC TV Channel 9.1 or GCI Cable Channel 9. … Read More

Listen to BBC World News 7 Days a Week on KUAC3

BBC World News

Listen to breaking BBC News bulletins, documentaries, lifestyle programs and interviews everyday on BBC World News, the BBC’s most popular programming in the world. Seven days a week on KUAC3 online, on HD radio, or on KUAC TV 9.7. See schedule times for KUAC3 here » … Read More

Have You Heard the Programming on KUAC2 & KUAC3? Both are offered online at, on KUAC TV & on HD Radios

Like our flagship programming on KUAC FM, KUAC2 features energetic and entertaining news and talk, and an eclectic blend of emerging and heritage blues, rock, world, folk, and Americana. See schedule for KUAC2 KUAC3 is a strong complement to the existing line-ups on KUAC 89.9FM and HD, and KUAC2 HD. Programming features a blend of classical music, news from BBC World Service, and cultural … Read More