KUAC FM’s Fabulous Volunteers
Amy Hartley Mark Rippy
Barbara Braley Mary Lynch
Becca Wachter Maryanne Babij
Beth O’Brien Mathew Carrick
Bob Fischer Maureen Harwood
Catherine Hanks Melinda Harris
Cheryl Petersen Melissa Buchta
David James Mike Mertes
Gary Knuepfer Nathan Barring
Ginny Kinne Nicholas Shamrell
John Bost Nora Foster
Kathryn Darcy Smith Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard
Ken Gieser Peter Bieniek
Kevin O’Riley Ray Funk
Lars Erik Odsather Ron Moore
Leone Ryan Bowers
Lindsey Lynch Steve Hormann
Lloyd Husky Todd Wagner
Lorien Nettleton Todd Wienke
Mace Mason Trudy Heffernan
Wally Weckesser

We have tons of opportunities for volunteers! Volunteering is a great way to support KUAC! By using your talents to assist with the KUAC’s daily operating tasks, you do the station a great service. Our volunteers are comprised of a rich and diverse blend of culturally motivated individuals committed to providing an invaluable service to KUAC. As a volunteer, you become a part of an exciting and fulfilling network of fascinating people that share a passion for public radio. The benefits of volunteering for KUAC include:

  • That great feeling you get when you support your public radio
  • A chance to meet KUAC’s on-air staff and see the station
  • An opportunity to get acquainted with others who share your same interests
  • And an invitation to KUAC’s Volunteer Recognition Event

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: ON THE AIR: Want to be a radio star? Contact us if you are interested in being a DJ or program host. No experience is required. We’ll provide training to prepare before you actually go LIVE! We’ll work with your schedule, whether you are available one evening a week or just a few hours a month. Call us at 907.474.5049 or fill out the form below.

FUNDRAISING DRIVES: KUAC depends on fundraising drives for essential donations. We depend on volunteers to answer phones, tally and record the gift information, and pick up food from contributing area restaurants. Meet new friends, have fun and learn about public radio in the process. Get exposure for your nonprofit or service organization and show support for public broadcasting. Call us at 907.474.1890 or fill out the form below.

SPECIAL EVENTS / COMMUNITY OUTREACH Participate in special events, sponsored performances and community outreach programs throughout the year. If you are a sociable person, ready with a quick smile and a helping hand, your skills may be perfectly suited for an upcoming occasion. For more information on special event volunteer opportunities call us at 907.474.1890 or fill out the form below.

KUAC Volunteer Interest Form

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