Red Green River Regatta 2012RED GREEN as guest judge makes KUAC’s 16th Annual RED GREEN REGATTA a HUGE SPLASH!

Red Green HimselfSunshine and Red Green himself, in person, as guest judge for the 16th annual Red Green Regatta – who could ask for anything more? Except more duct tape!

Part of the Golden Days festivities, the Red Green Regatta is the final event in the week-long celebration of our history – and what better way to illustrate our stick-to-it tradition than with the “handyman’s secret weapon”?

Red Green River Regatta 2012It was truly golden as the rain took a time-out on Sunday, July 22nd. At the sound of the starter pistol, fired by Mike Sfraga, UAF Vice Chancellor for Students, nearly 100 duct tape-rigged vessels carrying 500-plus costumed captains and crews sped off under a water-balloon-filled sky. Rain was replaced by streams from water cannons along the 2.2 nautical mile route, to the cheers from folks lining bridges and the banks of the Chena River.

The real, live Red Green rode in the Judges’ Boat as a Guest Judge, and arrived via Compeau’s Secret Service. Steve Smith, a.k.a. “Red Green,” is the star of the Red Green Show Red Green on the water which airs on KUAC TV on Saturday nights at 8 p.m., and he is the reason for the duct taped spectacle which Fairbanks enjoys the third Sunday in July every year.

The Grand Prize winnerThe Grand Prize winner was #8, Jai-alai Unlikely captained by Matt Irinaga and his crew of mini-Reds who dutifully recited “The Man’s Prayer,” and took home the duct tape crown as well as a deluxe Thule rooftop cargo carrier donated by Paddler’s Cove Outfitters. Other terrific prizes were sponsored by Compeau’s, which also provided a “secret service” team for Red Green.

Red Green’s LimousineThe life-size cardboard cut-out of our favorite handsome (and handy) duct-tape maestro stood in for photos at “Red Green’s Limousine” – a more-or-less tastefully decorated septic pump truck sponsored by Glacier Point Pumping & Thawing – which greeted participants arriving at Graehl Park.

Glacier Point Pumping & Thawing More than 65 volunteers and KUAC staff pitched in to make the Red Green Regatta possible and impressive – we truly owe a debt of gratitude to these dedicated people! An extra round of applause to the tireless crew from the 168th Alaska Air Guard, and their fearless leader and KUAC Community Advisory Council member Tim Carrier, for keeping the traffic at Graehl Park boat launch orderly.

Craig Smith of ProMusic Craig Smith of ProMusic put in a heroic effort making sure we were amped, providing the sound system and tunes at the start and finish including microphones for our emcees, Robert Hannon and Susan McInnis. Sadly, ProMusic lost a colleague and musician, Seth White, shortly before the event, and weren’t able to float their band on the river this year. Our condolences go out to Seth’s family and friends.
Awards Ceremony
At the awards ceremony, Red Green personally announced the nine winners, including Best Appreciated at a Distance, which he coined the “B.A.D.” award – and handed out duct-tape mementos and deluxe, water-worthy prizes.

Red Green in Golden Day's ParadeThis year, KUAC entered a float in the 2012 Golden Days parade to give Red Green a warm welcome to our community – the 2011 Grand Prize-winning vessel, Awesome Possum, was pulled in a trailer by Craig and Joy Van Dyke while Red Green waved from atop the only float composed mainly of duct tape. Red Green VolunteersVolunteers and staff from KUAC, including Sydney Haynes, and Veronica, Martina, and Dorothy Yanish, walked the route and handed out stickers and flyers.

Robert HannonThe 16th annual Red Green Regatta is one of the Interior’s most popular events and, with the magnificent turn-out, lived up to its reputation for providing the community a splash of “Instant Fun” – just add water – and duct tape!

For more highlights of the hilarity, see our 2012 KUAC Red Green Regatta Photo Gallery or look through the slides-show below:

Thanks to all who contributed photographs, including Wayne Clark, Deb Lawton, Mary Ann Nickles, Maddy Rafferty, Lisa Scerbak, Lisa Sundborg and Judy and Frank Williams!

CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS, and a thousand THANKS to all who made the day a HUGE SPLASH!


JAI-ALAI UNLIKELY2012 Grand Prize Winner of a Thule Ascent 1700 rooftop cargo carrier, donated by Paddler’s Cove Outfitters:
#8, JAI-ALAI UNLIKELY Capt. Matt Irinaga
Possum Lodge Liberation Front2nd Place WINNER of the Airhead Cool Island floating island, donated by Compeau’s:
#11, Possum Lodge Liberation Front Capt. Gregg Christopher
Thirsty Possums3rd Place WINNER of four Personal Flotation Devices, donated by Compeau’s:
#60, Thirsty Possums Capt. Ronald Daanen
Stryder4th Place WINNER of an $200 in Compeau’s Cash, donated by Compeau’s:
#63, Stryder Capt. Don Ross


Bifster DosRed Lantern – even though this wasn’t a race, at least this vessel came in…in last place!
Red Lantern – Bifster Dos #75, Capt. Clay Easterly
The Big KahunaJudges’ Choice – a prize for effort, or anything that caught the judges’ eyes!
Judges’ Choice – The Big Kahuna #9, Capt. Lauren Mulvaugh
The Almost Not Garbage Garage SaleBest Appreciated at a Distance – (coined the “B.A.D.” award by Red Green) The further away it is the better it looks!!
#16, The Almost Not Garbage Garage Sale Capt. Leon Walker
Power TowerMost Un “FATHOM” able – given to the vessel that gave it a good go…but in the end sank or barely made it to the finish!
#50, Power Tower Capt. Clancy Soule
Fishing for a ComplimentHarold’s Debacle – honoring nerdy nephew Harold, or just a debacle in general!
#46, Fishing for a Compliment Capt. Mark Parrott

Congratulations to Early Bird Registration WINNERS!

Mary Skorulski won the Early Bird RegistrationMary Skorulski won the Early Bird Registration draw for 2 tickets to Red Green’s live show and the Meet & Greet beforehand. Winners of the Sportsman’s Warehouse gift cards were Matt Irinaga (this was his lucky year!) and Julie Emslie. Congratulations winners, and thanks to Sportsman’s Warehouse for its support!

Thanks to our Awesome VOLUNTEERS!

Abby Arnold – Take Out
Sarah Arnold – Set up/Registration Capt
Claudia Barclay – Traffic
Marie-Sylvestre Belanger – Shore Patrol
Tim Berg – Traffic
Kyle Betts – Traffic
Maggie Billington – Distribution/Information Captain
Karen Boswood – Registration
Dona Brandle-Boylan – Shore Patrol
Dorrie Breese – Registration
Caleb Brown – Traffic
Tim Carrier – Traffic /Truck
Colleen Cleland – Duct tape prizes/ Information
Craig Compeau – Compeau’s Secret Service Boat/ Towline
Donald Cronce – Traffic
Matthew Cronce – Traffic
Barbara Day – Photography
Jim Dixon – Traffic
Patty Dyer-Smith – Registration
Linda Goss – T-shirts /Floater
Robert Hannon – Emcee
Sydney Haynes – Registration
Pamm Hubbard – Shore Patrol
Phil Hunt – Traffic
Jack Huston – Traffic
Jim Huston – Traffic
Mark Johnson – Set up/Shore Patrol
Rhonda Kitchens – Set up/Registration
Deb Lawton – Photos
Tony Lucchesi – Traffic
Kyle Malamute – Boat/towline
Susan McInnis – Emcee
Ginger McKenzie – Shore Patrol
Chris Nickel – Boat/towline
John Nickel – Boat/towline
Mary Ann Nickles – Photos
Donna Olesen – Set up/Registration
Wanda Peros – Registration
Bryce Peterson-Wood – Compeau’s Secret Service
Emily Peterson-Wood – Compeau’s Secret Service
Madeline Rafferty – Photographer
Sue Rainey – Set up/Shore Patrol
Tom Richardson – Set up /Traffic
Jeff Roach – Registration
Lisa Scerbak – Organizer
Mike Sfraga – Starter
Jeff Skaggs – Traffic
Lynn Slusher – T-shirts
Sue Sprinkle – Truck/Traffic
Althea St. Martin – Runner
Lisa Stuby – Set up
Lisa Sundborg – Facebook photos
Caitlin Volsky – Duct tape prizes/T-shirts
Caroline Wolf – T-shirts
Doug Yoder – Compeau’s Secret Service
Volunteers for the Red Green RegattaVolunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta


Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Volunteers for the Red Green Regatta

Mission: Possum JUDGES’ BOAT

Chuck Lemke – Boat Captain
Phyllis Pendergrast – First Mate & Judge
Wayne Clark – Judges’ Boat Photographer
Dermot Cole – Judge
Patty Kastelic – Judge
Larry Kohlmeyer – Judge
Roy Rountree – Judge
Tracy Vanairsdale – Judge
Andrew Quainton – Judge
Keith Martin – Judge & KUAC GM
Gretchen Gordon – Judges’ Host
Red Green JudgesRed Green Judges


Bettisworth NorthBettisworth North third year is the charm, as true-blue Red Green Lead Sponsor!
Glacier Point Pumping & Thawing
Alaska Cruise Association
North Haven Communities
Sportsmedicine Fairbanks
Dr. Dan Johnson Orthopedics
Wells Fargo

Special Thanks to Other Heroes:

Volunteers for the Red Green RegattaCapt. Chuck Lemke and Phyllis Pendergrast for captaining and keeping afloat the Judges’ Boat;
Compeau’s for providing Compeau’s Secret Service for Red Green, donating a host of water-worthy prizes, and running tow-line boats;
Coast Guard Auxiliary Volunteers staffed safety patrols on shore and on the water;
Volunteers for the Red Green RegattaGlacier Point Pumping & Thawing for providing “Red Green’s Limousine,” a more-or-less tastefully decorated septic pump truck;
Graphic North Wayne Clark for long-time support with promotional posters and flyers, waterproof vessel numbers, and photography on the judges’ boat;
Volunteers for the Red Green RegattaGreater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce for including KUAC in Golden Days 2012;
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner for print and online promotional support;
Paddler’s Cove Outfitters for donating the Grand Prize Thule Ascent 1700 rooftop cargo carrier for kayaks, paddles and other sporting equipment;
Pioneer Park for event locale and assistance;
Volunteers for the Red Green RegattaPro Music and Craig Smith are best in show for keeping us loud and proud;
Sportsman’s Warehouse for donating the ‘thank-you’ oars and Gift Cards for Early Bird Registration drawings;
Sue Sprinkle and 5th Ave. Design for our splashy logo and promo materials;
Trademark for the irresistible t-shirts;
UAF Vice Chancellor for Students Mike Sfraga for firing the starter pistol;
UAF Athletics for loaning us a starter pistol;
UAF Facilities Services for signs, traffic cones and safety vests.