2010 KUAC Red Green River Regatta!

14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River RegattaKUAC’s 14th Annual RED GREEN REGATTA blasts them all out of the water!

The KUAC 14th annual Red Green Regatta was outstanding in many ways – a new record high number of fantastic floats, great weather, super crowds, and stellar volunteers – and it all added up to the best Red Green Regatta ever!

Highlights of the day included the Possum Lodge Space Program, Grand Prize winner’s “bottle rocket launcher” as well as the rocket retrieval vessels that followed behind, collecting the bottles that went flying! Once again, the crew of the 168th Alaska Air Guard kept traffic flowing along at the boat launch despite the crush of last-minute arrivals. Chancellor Brian Rogers and volunteer Mike Campbell celebrated their birthdays at the Regatta!

Thanks to our photographers Maddy Rafferty, Deb Lawton, Lanien Livingston, Dorrie Breese and Lisa Scerbak!

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS, and a thousand THANKS to all these folks for making it a record-breaking success!

If we missed anyone or misspelled a name, please let us know so we can correct it.


Grand Prize Winner of the amazing NU-CANUE donated by Paddler’s Cove Outfitters:
Possum Lodge Space Program #16, Capt. Gregg Christopher

2nd Place WINNER of the Floating Cabana Islander with cooler donated by Compeau’s:
Octopuses Garden #59, Capt. Anissa Vehmeier

3rd Place WINNER of a Fishing Tube from Compeau’s:
Pirates of Possum Lake # 23, Capt. Jeff Humphries

4th Place WINNER of a three-person rubber raft and paddles from Compeau’s:
Red Green House #46, Capt. Tara Hutchison


Red Lantern – even though this wasn’t a race, at least this vessel came in…in last place!
Davey Jones Sofa # 67, Capt. Cody Gossel

Judges’ Choice (two this year) – a prize just for effort, anything that caught the judges’ imagination or attention!
F.O.A. – D.O.A. #44, Capt. Thomas Pemrich And S.S. Pimpship # 24, Capt. Robert Stolzberg

Best Appreciated at a Distance –The further away it is the better it looks!!
Blue Tarp Mermaids # 84, Co-Capt. Sharon Hansen & Alice Orlich

Most Un “FATHOM” able – given to the vessel that gave it a good go… but in the end sank or barely made it to the finish!
Reds Coffee Shop # 83, Capt. Leon Walker

Harold’s Debacle – honoring nerdy nephew Harold, or just a debacle in general!
Midnight mission # 14, Capt. Stephen Offenborn


Robert Hannon & Greta Johnsen – Emcees
Sen. Lisa Murkowski – Announcer of Winners
UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers – Starting Official
Derek Bastille – Traffic at Pioneer
Maggie Billington – Information/Duct Tape
Dorrie Breese – Shore Photographer/Guru
Art Breese – Runner
Logan Breese – Runner
Ashlee Breese – T-Shirt Sales
Karen Boswood – Registration
Bob Buie – Traffic & Safety at Pioneer
Michael Campbell – Compliance/Runner
Tim Carrier – Traffic/Parking
Sheena Cummings – Runner
Morrow Duszynski – Registration
Eric Enlow – Towline Boat
Shannon Epps – Traffic/Parking
Joel Fantazzi – Traffic/Parking
Jessica Gambone – Traffic/Parking
Tim Gilbert – Traffic/Parking
John Gould – Towline Boat
James Hannis – Traffic/Parking
Merritt Helfferich–Towline Boat
Matt Hubbartt – Traffic/Parking
Jake Hudson – Traffic/Parking
Phil Hunt – Traffic/Parking
Jim Huston – Traffic/Parking
Courtney Huston – Traffic/Parking
Joane Johnson – Compliance
Rhonda Kitchens – Set-up/Registration
Deb Lawton – Shore Photography
Tony Lucchesi – Traffic/Parking
Alek Martin – Shore Patrol
Keith Martin – Crowd Control/Bouncer
Alex Olesen – Traffic/Parking
Donna Olesen – Registration
Andrew Quainton – Pledge Table
Debby Queen – Registration & Pledges
Maddy Rafferty – Shore Photography
Sue Rainey – Pledge Table
Caitlin Richmond – Emcee Runner
Jeff Roach – T-Shirt Sales
Lynn Slusher – T-Shirts/Set-up at Pioneer Park
Nancy Smoyer – Information/Duct Tape
Lisa Sporleder – Pledge Table
Althea St. Martin – Pledge Table
Gerry Stewart – Registration
Tammy Tragis-McCook – Compliance
Caroline Wolf – T-Shirts/Set-up at Pioneer Park
Doug Yoder – Set-up/Traffic
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta


Chuck Lemke – Boat Captain
Phyllis Pendergrast – First Mate & Judge
Lanien Livingston – Boat’s-eye view photographer
CB Bettisworth – Judge
Wayne Clark – Judge
Dermot Cole – Judge
Aileen Cole – Judges’ Helper
Ellen Ganley – Judge
Jo Heckman – Judge
Patty Kastelic – Judge
Larry Katkin – Judge
Karen Perdue – Judge
Tracy Vanairsdale – Judge
Keith Martin – KUAC General Manager
Gretchen Gordon – Judges’ host
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta


Bettisworth North – Lead Sponsor
Alaska Cruise Association
Denali State Bank
Sportsmedicine Fairbanks
Paddler’s Cove Outfitters
Pro Music
Graphic North
Water Wagon
Dr. Phyllis Pendergrast
River City Imprints
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta Sponsors

Special Thanks

Capt. Chuck Lemke and Phyllis Pendergrast for skippering the Judges’ Boat
Sen. Lisa Murkowski for announcing the winners
Coast Guard Auxiliary for safety patrols on shore and on the water
Paddler’s Cove Outfitters for donating the Grand Prize Nu-Canue
Compeau’s for donating the raft and floating cabana prizes
Alaska Bowl Company for making a great impression
Graphic North for waterproof-printing and special delivery to judges’ boat
Pro Music for sponsoring the sound
UAF Fire Department for safety support
Pioneer Park for event assistance and coordination
Sue Sprinkle and 5th Ave. Design for our eye-catching logo designs
River City Imprints for the bold t-shirts
UAF Athletics for starter pistol loan
Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce – Golden Days 2010
UAF Risk Management
UAF Facilities Services for signs and traffic cones
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta
14th Annual Red Green River Regatta