KUAC’s 33rd edition poster features Gail Priday’s Munchberry


KUAC Poster Signing Event

“Munchberry,” by Fairbanks artist Gail Priday, is the 2016 KUAC poster.

The large oil on canvas piece is inspired by the smaller elements of the landscape such as the bark of a tree, lichens, berries, twigs and groundcover. “Any time I am out in the woods I look for imagery that is both familiar and unique. Finding a nibbled bunchberry plant is exactly the type of subject I like to discover,” Priday said. She is inspired by snow, light, shadows and things that grow.

She noted:

I live and work in beautiful Alaska.

My work is about growth, seasons, changes and extremes.
It is about the tiny details that make up this great land.

The changes in the landscape are extreme, dramatic and dependable.

Unending winters melt into the race of summer.
The first snowfall, December’s soft glow, lengthening days, shadows in the snow.
The excitement that comes with the coming of spring.

Green. So much green.
Then green becomes yellow and there is another first snowfall.

Everywhere I look I see a painting.

To receive a Munchberry poster, please call 474-7491 or visit our give now page and contribute a minimum $50 donation to KUAC.