KUAC’s 2015 Red Green Regatta

Red Green Launches KUAC’s Farewell Red Green Regatta

KUAC’s 2015 Red Green Regatta: The Last Call

At the sound of a starter pistol fired by UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers at 11 am on Sunday, July 26th, 2015, some 79 vessels launched from Graehl Park for KUAC’s Farewell Red Green Regatta.

RGR 15

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Red Green
himself made a special appearance to help officially retire the event. Joining him on the judges’ boat were Bettisworth North’s Tracy Vanairsdale and Fred Johnson, Lorna Shaw of Sumitomo Pogo, UAF Vice-Chancellor Mike Sfraga, Graphic North’s Wayne Clark, KUAC Friends Group member Patty Kastelic, Gary Black of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, KUAC General Manager Keith Martin, and Captain Craig Compeau.


PHOTO ALBUM of the 2015 Red Green Regatta

Photo highlights of Farewell Red Green Regatta are
available on our Flikr site.


Congratulations to the Winners!

In addition to one-of-a-kind duct tape prizes made by KUAC student Colleen Cleland, 3rd Place received a Trail 25 Daypack from REI, 2nd Place received an inflatable tube from Trax Outdoor Center, and 1st Place received a stand up paddleboard emblazoned with the Red Green Regatta logo provided by Compeau’s.


Grand Prize
Vessel #44 Possums, Duct Tape & Bears…Oh My! – Capt. David Hernandez


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2nd Prize
Vessel #10 Red Green Railroad – Capt. Matt Irinaga


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3rd Place
Vessel #56 AK Puma – Capt. Tony Gesin


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Harold’s Debacle
Vessel #7 The Blue Juggernaut – Capt. Andy Baltensperger


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Most Un’fathom’able
Vessel #32 Wheel of Life – Capt. Puc


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Best Appreciated at a Distance
Vessel #79 Tub Full of Weiners – Capt. Brian Keelan


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Judges’ Award
Vessel #38 Miss My Money – Capt. Clinton Snyder


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Red Lantern
Vessel #25 Loose Moose – Capt. Nikki Lopez


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Thanks to our RGR Sponsors!

Red Green Regatta
Lead Sponsor

Duct Tape Level

Suspender Level

Handyman Level

Additional Sponsors:

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Thanks to RGR Volunteers & Staff!

  • 168th Air Refueling Wing
  • Compeau’s River Rangers
  • UA Fire Dept. Water Rescue
  • UAF Athletics Department
  • UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers
  • JR Ancheta
  • Maggie Billington
  • Jason Case
  • Kathy Chapados
  • Wayne Clark
  • Robert Hannon
  • Deb Horner
  • Mark Johnson
  • Rhonda Kitchens
  • Erika Martin
  • Heidi Martin
  • Phillip Newton
  • Ian Olesen
  • Sheri Olesen
  • Sue Rainey
  • Steven Reilly
  • Jeff Roach
  • Althea St. Martin
  • Lynn Slusher
  • Marie Sylvestre-Belanger
  • Caroline Wolf
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Red Green, the handyman who inspired this event told us, “More than 100 stations have broadcast the Red Green Show, but no station engaged their community quite like KUAC.”

Our heartfelt thanks to the Fairbanks community for making the Red Green Regatta such a resounding success – 19 years for this flotilla of fun.

Keep your stick on the ice!