Archives for August 2011

Discover the KUAC FM Playlists treasure trove for locally produced programs!

Want to know the title of that swingin’ song on The Oldies Show last month, or which album that Del McClinton song was from that Leone played on Postcards? Search Playlists for most locally produced shows. Or explore the KUAC FM Program Guide by individual show (click on the blue text "Playlist"), by day or by program. If the title of the program is underlined in blue, click on that to connect to … Read More

Relive the “Awesome Possum” 15th Annual RedGreen Regatta with photos and highlights

Another "awesome possum" day on the Chena River at the KUAC 15th annual Red Green Regatta! Highlights include an "appearance" by Red Green himself, in the form of a life-size cut-out of Steve Smith, star of the Red Green Show which airs on AlaskaOne, Saturday nights at 8 p.m. Glacier Point Pumping & Thawing rolled out Red Green's Limousine, an artfully – and it goes without saying, … Read More